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Rano Kubaeva

A review and pictures of actress Rano Kubaeva naked in "Yunost geniya".
Rano Kubaeva

Born: 1961   Country: Uzbekistan

A photogenically dusky and cherry-lipped maiden from Tashkent who went on to prove herself of use behind the camera.


Zolotoye runo (Mukhtar Aga-Mirzayev, Soviet Union, 1983) (as doch dyadi Mishi aged 22)

Priklyucheniya malenkogo Muka (Yelizaveta Kimyagarova, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 22)

# Yunost geniya (Elyor Ishmukhamedov, Soviet Union, 1984) (featuring Rano Kubaeva aged 23) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Bakhtiyar Zakirov, Furkat Fayziyev, Ato Mukhamedzhanov, Batyr Zakirov, Vytautas Tomkus, Vasili Chkhaidze, Dzhuna Davitashvili, Goldan Lenkhoboyev, Matyoqub Matchanov, Shukhrat Irgashev, Dzhanik Fayziev and Leila Gaptelkhanova

Rano Kubaeva in Yunost geniya

A colourful epic set in Central Asia a thousand years ago, telling of the early life of Avicenna, a pioneering physician and leading all-round scholar of his day.

Much of his youth was spend hanging around simpering after girls apparently. Altar maid Rano catches his eye while attending at one of of those time-honoured rituals that's just been made up for the cameras. Along with hundreds and hundreds of other virgins she dashes for the river to join in the traditional after-service water scrummage (all still in their nice clean frocks). Our man gaily follows, unconsciously mimicking the girls' floppy-armed scampering. He's so definitely not supposed to be there that I can't believe anyone could be quite so staggeringly crass, but there you go.

Later, after many adventures, our hero discovers Rano raped and murdered against a tree during the sacking of a rain-soaked city. Another opportunity to exploit the potential of water on thin clothing goes somewhat tastelessly unwasted.

Tags: corpse, outdoor, see-thru, wet-clothes


Yunost geniya Yunost geniya Yunost geniya Yunost geniya Yunost geniya

Sozvezdiye lyubvi (Zinoviy Royzman, Soviet Union, 1985) (as Zebo aged 24)

Klinika (Rashid Malikov, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 26)

Smerch (Bako Sadykov, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 27)

Chudovishche ili kto-to drugoy (Aliaskar Fatkhulin, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 27)

Barkhan (Sanzhar Babayev, Soviet Union, 1989) (aged 28)

Gamlet iz Suzaka, ili Mamaya Kero (Satybaldy Narymbetov, Soviet Union, 1990) (aged 29)

Kodeks molchaniya-2 (Zinoviy Royzman, Russia, 1992) (aged 31)

Kammi (Dzhanik Fayziev, Russia, 1992) (as Rena aged 31)

V Bagdade vsyo spokoyno (Mumin Shakirov, Uzbekistan, 1993) (aged 32)

Tayna paporotnikov (Rashid Malikov, Uzbekistan, 1995) (as Mat aged 34)

Belyy tanets (Rauf Kubayev, Russia, 1999) (as Madam aged 38)

S dnyom rozhdeniya! (Larisa Sadilova, Russia, 2001) (as Zulfiya aged 40)

Chudnaya dolina (Rano Kubaeva, Russia, 2004) (aged 43)

Chastnyy detektiv (Rano Kubaeva, Russia, 2005) (aged 44) (Rano Kubaeva, Russia, 2009) (aged 48)

Zanoza (Robert Deaf, Russia, 2010) (aged 49)

Rybalka (Robert Deaf, Russia, 2012) (aged 51)

Ya tebya nikogda ne zabudu (Rano Kubaeva, Russia, 2013) (aged 52)

Stenka (Robert Deaf, Russia, 2013) (aged 52)

NeEvropa (Robert Deaf, Russia, 2016) (aged 55)

Pro lyubov. Tolko dlya vzroslykh (Rezo Gigineishvili, Russia, 2017) (as Olya s mother aged 56)

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