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Stefania Casini

A review and pictures of actress Stefania Casini naked in "I prosseneti".
Stefania Casini

Born: 1948   Country: Italy

Athletic Italian starlet (no relation to Nadia Cassini apparently though they look like sisters) who tried to work with the more arthouse-inclined directors whenever she could.

Stefania Casini (born 4 September 1948 in Villa di Chiavenna) is an Italian actress and film director.  snippet from Wikipedia

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Stefania - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Festival di Sanremo (Italy, 1951) (aged 3)

Re Cervo (Italy, 1970) (aged 22)

Ich kenne die Geschichte (Ceco Zamurovich, West Germany, 1970) (as Miriam aged 22)

Le castagne sono buone (Pietro Germi, Italy, 1970) (as Carla aged 22)

Il crogiuolo S01E01: Episode #1.1 (Sandro Bolchi, 1971) (as Mary Warren aged 23)

Il crogiuolo S01E02: Episode #1.2 (Sandro Bolchi, 1971) (as Mary Warren aged 23)

Nessuno deve sapere (Italy, 1971) (aged 23)

D'amore si muore (Carlo Carunchio, Italy, 1972) (as Tea aged 24)

E.S.P. S01E02: Episode #1.2 (Daniele D'Anza, 1973) (aged 25)

E.S.P. S01E03: Episode #1.3 (Daniele D'Anza, 1973) (as Benedict - Guglielmina aged 25)

Un modo di essere donna (Pier Ludovico Pavoni, Italy, 1973) (as Francesca aged 25)

Trevico-Torino (viaggio nel Fiat-Nam) (Ettore Scola, Italy, 1973) (aged 25)

La scuola delle mogli (Vittorio Cottafavi, Italy, 1973) (as Agnese aged 25)

La cugina (Aldo Lado, Italy, 1974) (as Lisa Scuderi aged 26)

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Blood for Dracula (Paul Morrissey, Italy, 1974) (as Rubinia aged 26)

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Squadra volante (Stelvio Massi, Italy, 1974) (as Marta aged 26)

L'ambizioso (Pasquale Squitieri, Italy, 1975) (as Luciana aged 27)

Non si scrive sui muri a Milano (Raffaele Maiello, Italy, 1975) (as Anna aged 27)

Le grand délire (Dennis Berry, France, 1975) (aged 27)

La messe dorée (Beni Montresor, France, 1975) (as Loulou aged 27)

# I prosseneti (Brunello Rondi, Italy, 1976) (featuring Stefania Casini as Odile aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ilona Staller, Sonja Jeannine, Gabriella Lepori, Silvia Dionisio, Sofia Dionisio, Alain Cuny, Juliette Mayniel, Luciano Salce, José Quaglio, Jean Valmont, Consuelo Ferrara and Sergio Valentini

Stefania Casini in I prosseneti

Lame satire about a very exclusive Italian cathouse (though I'm sure they don't call it that in the brochure). What makes it exclusive? They only deal with girls and punters whose kinks shed light on the declining morals of contemporary society. A real class joint.

We join Stefania as she dresses informally for her latest client. As promised he's a rum 'un. For a start he insists on doing it on the roof. Then he comes on with this 'SAS veteran' act - plain creepy if you ask me. What's it all in aid of? We find out in good time. He wants to re-enact key battles of the Algerian War of Independence on Steffi's bare bottom. So why didn't he just say so instead of scaring the girl half to death? Because he didn't want to seem childish and pathetic? Honestly us blokes are own worst enemies sometimes.

Tags: full-frontal, horseplay, mirror, outdoor, undressed, undressing


I prosseneti I prosseneti I prosseneti I prosseneti I prosseneti

Novecento (Bernardo Bertolucci, Italy, 1976) (as Neve - Epileptic Woman aged 28)

Come ti rapisco il pupo (Lucio De Caro, Italy, 1976) (as Rita aged 28)

Luna di miele in tre (Carlo Vanzina, Italy, 1976) (as Graziella Luraghi aged 28)

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Geometra Primetti selvaggiamente Osvaldo (Ferdinando Baldi, Italy, 1976) (aged 28)

L'inseguitore (Italy, 1977) (aged 29)

È stato così (Tomaso Sherman, Italy, 1977) (as La moglie aged 29)

Maschio latino cercasi (Giovanni Narzisi, Italy, 1977) (as Anna aged 29)

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Bad (Jed Johnson, USA, 1977) (as P G aged 29)

Suspiria (Dario Argento, Italy, 1977) (as Sara aged 29)

Gli occhi del drago (Italy, 1977) (aged 29)

Sam et Sally S01E02: La corne d'antilope (Robert Pouret, 1978) (as Laura Benson aged 30)

Ciao maschio (Marco Ferreri, Italy, 1978) (as Feminist Actress aged 30)

Come perdere una moglie e trovare un'amante (Pasquale Festa Campanile, Italy, 1978) (as Marisa - Eleonora s friend aged 30)

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Bloodstained Shadow (Antonio Bido, Italy, 1978) (as Sandra Sellani aged 30)

Dedicato al mare Egeo (Masuo Ikeda, Italy, 1979) (as Gloria aged 31)

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Ammazzare il tempo (Domenico Rafele, Italy, 1979) (aged 31)

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Il giovane dottor Freud (Italy, 1980) (aged 32)

Cocktail Molotov (Diane Kurys, France, 1980) (as Anna-Maria aged 32)

Parano (Bernard Dubois, France, 1980) (aged 32)

Habibi, amor mío (Luis Gómez Valdivieso, Spain, 1981) (aged 33)

Illa - Punto di osservazione S01E02: Episode #1.2 (1981) (as Illa aged 33)

Illa - Punto di osservazione S01E03: Episode #1.3 (1981) (as Illa aged 33)

Illa - Punto di osservazione S01E01: Episode #1.1 (1981) (as Illa aged 33)

Mora (Léon Desclozeaux, France, 1982) (as Christina aged 34)

Stelle emigranti (Italy, 1982) (as Herself aged 34)

De bien étranges affaires S01E04: L'amour qui tue (Laurent Heynemann, 1982) (as Prue aged 34)

Lontano da dove (Italy, 1983) (aged 35)

Il mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento (Michele Soavi, Italy, 1985) (as Herself aged 37)

Clémence Aletti (France, 1985) (as Véronique Aletti aged 37)

The Belly of an Architect (Peter Greenaway, UK, 1987) (as Flavia Speckler aged 39)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Scheggia di vento (Stefania Casini, Italy, 1988) (aged 40)

Cuore in gola (Stefania Casini, Italy, 1988) (aged 40)

I cavalieri del Cross (Stefania Casini, Italy, 1988) (aged 40)

Fun Jump (Stefania Casini, Italy, 1988) (aged 40)

Vincere per vincere (Stefania Casini, Italy, 1988) (aged 40)

Roller Wings (Stefania Casini, Italy, 1988) (aged 40)

Maledetto il giorno che t'ho incontrato (Carlo Verdone, Italy, 1992) (as Clari aged 44)

Donna S01E04: Episode #1.4 (Gianfranco Giagni, 1996) (as Annamaria aged 48)

Donna S01E03: Episode #1.3 (Gianfranco Giagni, 1996) (as Annamaria aged 48)

Donna S01E01: Episode #1.1 (Gianfranco Giagni, 1996) (as Annamaria aged 48)

Donna S01E06: Episode #1.6 (Gianfranco Giagni, 1996) (as Annamaria aged 48)

Un paradiso di bugie (Stefania Casini, Italy, 1996) (aged 48)

Suspiria 25th Anniversary (Gary Hertz, USA, 2001) (as Herself aged 53)

Incantesimo 6 (Italy, 2003) (as Carla Ferrini aged 55)

To Be 20 Years Old in Sofia (Stefania Casini, Italy, 2005) (aged 57)

Chiudi gli occhi e vedrai (Stefania Casini, Italy, 2006) (aged 58)

Un mondo cantato (Giancarlo Soldi, Italy, 2008) (aged 60)

Pietro Germi - Il bravo, il bello, il cattivo (Claudio Bondi, Italy, 2009) (as Herself aged 61)

Schiaffo alla mafia (Stefania Casini, Italy, 2010) (aged 62)

Madein Albania (Stefania Casini, Albania, 2012) (aged 64)

Ferite a morte (Andrea Cairoli, Italy, 2014) (aged 66)

Maicol Jecson (Italy, 2014) (as Maria aged 66)

Bota (Albania, 2014) (aged 66)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Stefania - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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