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Lucie Zulová

A review and pictures of actress Lucie Zulová naked in "Gosti iz galaksije".
Lucie Zulová

Born: 1952   Country: Czechoslovakia

One of the silky-haired Czech beauties that were imported by the cartload in the 'seventies by other East European nations, in much the same way as Western Europe looked to Sweden for its freshest starlets.


Volejte Martina (Milan Vosmik, Czechoslovakia, 1966) (aged 14)

Pet holek na krku (Evald Schorm, Czechoslovakia, 1967) (as Jana aged 15)

Malé letní blues (Jirí Hanibal, Czechoslovakia, 1968) (aged 16)

Panenství a kriminál (Václav Lohniský, Czechoslovakia, 1970) (as Lidunka Kotrbcová aged 18)

Svatby pana Voka (Karel Steklý, Czechoslovakia, 1971) (aged 19)

Jak utopit doktora Mrácka aneb Konec vodniku v Cechách (Václav Vorlícek, Czechoslovakia, 1975) (aged 23)

Hodíme se k sobe, milácku...? (Petr Schulhoff, Czechoslovakia, 1975) (as Seller aged 23)

Bourlivé víno (Václav Vorlícek, Czechoslovakia, 1976) (as Blanka aged 24)

Tobe hrana zvonit nebude (Vojtech Trapl, Czechoslovakia, 1979) (aged 27)

Rytmus 1934 (Jaroslav Balík, Czechoslovakia, 1980) (aged 28)

Co je doma, to se pocítá, pánové... (Petr Schulhoff, Czechoslovakia, 1980) (aged 28)

# Gosti iz galaksije (Dusan Vukotic, Yugoslavia, 1981) (featuring Lucie Zulová as Biba aged 29) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Zarko Potocnjak, Ksenia Prohaska, Jasminka Alic, Rene Bitorajac, Ljubisa Samardzic, Ivana Andrlová, Cvijeta Mesic, Markéta Fiserová, Karel Augusta, Hermina Pipinic, Helena Ruzicková and Václav Stekl

Lucie Zulová in Gosti iz galaksije

In this wonderfully lively sci-fi comedy from Yugoslavia Lucie becomes jealous of an android from another planet. Cue a domestic slanging match, complete with stripping competition and taunts of 'tractor' (I won't say from which side).

Also included is a scene where a bunch of tourists search for a crashed flying saucer in a seaside cave. Led by a forthright older lady, they decide (rather she decides for them - she's that kind of girl) that to avoid scaring off the aliens they had better remove all their clothes. Hmm.

Tags: flashing


Gosti iz galaksije Gosti iz galaksije Gosti iz galaksije Gosti iz galaksije Gosti iz galaksije Gosti iz galaksije

Letný strom radosti (Ivan Hustava, Czechoslovakia, 1984) (aged 32)

My holky z mestecka S01E06: Falesná basistka (Vlasta Janecková, 1986) (aged 34)

My holky z mestecka S01E05: Zlodej (Vlasta Janecková, 1986) (aged 34)

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