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Danuta Kowalska

A review and pictures of actress Danuta Kowalska naked in "Wielki podryw ".
Danuta Kowalska

Born: 1955   Country: Poland

Slim, impishly pretty (bordering on angelic) little sexpot of communist-era Polish cinema and TV.


Na klopoty... Bednarski S01E05: Znak weza (as Marta Erlichowa)

Lalka S01E02: Pamietnik Starego Subiekta (Ryszard Ber)

Polskie drogi S01E05: Lekcja geografii (1977) (as Jadzia Zychlinska aged 22)

# Wielki podryw (Jerzy Kolodziejczyk , Poland, 1978) (featuring Danuta Kowalska as Gośka aged 23) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Anna Chodakowska

Danuta Kowalska in Wielki podryw

The blameless hero lumbered with Danuta in this diverting black comedy set in Warsaw is such a wash-out with the ladies that he can't even pull one at a dancing class. Proof of which we witness in the opening scene - with hilarious consequences. If you think that sounds untypical of the usual Polish glumfest you'd be right. In fact some of this was filmed in summer, outdoors, in direct sunlight even. A few later shots return to stereotype with bleak cityscapes seen during 6am winter rain showers, but they are clearly ironic.

So our hero bumps into Danuta when she's at a very low ebb: in floods of tears after failing her exams. He's a kindly young gent so takes her under his wing - however childish and ineffectual a wing it may be. Unfortunately Danuta has that peculiar kind of clinginess that manifests itself in attempts to kill herself whenever the little brat is left alone for longer than a second.

In the circumstances it was a brave move taking the demented bint back to his flat, and predictably she tries to overdose in the bathroom. And predictably our hero (what else are heroes for?) has to rescue her. Precipitating one of those mad self-destructive strips that we the viewers have half-suspected may be on the cards but have hardly dared hope for out loud. It's an absolute classic of its kind (cf. Ruth Reinecke in Polizeiruf 110). Danuta is suitably sheepish afterwards, coyly tucking a stray nipple beneath the tartan blanket our hero (what else are heroes for?) has thrown over the girl suddenly splaying herself naked and at his mercy on the sofa-bed.

Tags: anger, bashful, flashing, full-frontal, undressing


Wielki podryw Wielki podryw Wielki podryw Wielki podryw Wielki podryw

Achillesferse (Rolf Losansky, East Germany, 1978) (aged 23)

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Osobykh primet net (Anatoliy Bobrovskiy, Poland, 1979) (as Helena Górowska aged 24)

Mennyei seregek (Ferenc Kardos, Hungary, 1983) (aged 28)

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07 zglos sie S04E02: Slad rekawiczki (1984) (as Borewicz s Girl aged 29)

07 zglos sie S04E01: Skok smierci (1984) (as Borewicz s Girl aged 29)

Errata, czyli sceny pokutne w nowych osiedlach (Henryk Dederko, Poland, 1984) (aged 29)

Och, Karol (Roman Zaluski, Poland, 1985) (as Maria Górska aged 30)

Rajska jablon (Barbara Sass, Poland, 1986) (as Customer aged 31)

Ga, Ga - Chwala bohaterom (Piotr Szulkin, Poland, 1986) (as Sexbomb aged 31)

Dluznicy smierci (Wlodzimierz Golaszewski, Poland, 1986) (as Zosia - Wiktor s wife aged 31)

Alternatywy 4 S01E08: Wesele (1986) (aged 31)

Alternatywy 4 S01E05: 20-ty stopien zasilania (1986) (as Jola aged 31)

Alternatywy 4 S01E07: Spisek (1986) (as Jola aged 31)

Alternatywy 4 S01E04: Profesjonalisci (1986) (as Jola aged 31)

Trio (Pawel Karpinski, Poland, 1987) (aged 32)

Aniol w szafie (Stanislaw Rózewicz, Poland, 1987) (as Actress Marzena aged 32)

Cudowne dziecko (Waldemar Dziki, Poland, 1987) (as Margaret s Mother aged 32)

Pogranicze w ogniu (Poland, 1988) (aged 33)

W klatce (Barbara Sass, Poland, 1988) (as TV Programme Producer aged 33)

Konsul (Miroslaw Bork, Poland, 1989) (aged 34)

Przesluchanie (Ryszard Bugajski, Poland, 1989) (aged 34)

Sheng zhan feng yun (Ringo Lam, Hong Kong, 1990) (aged 35)

Zmowa (Janusz Petelski, Poland, 1990) (as Janka Sitkowa aged 35)

Swinka (Krzysztof Magowski, Poland, 1990) (as Anna Montini aged 35)

Seszele (Boguslaw Linda, Poland, 1991) (as Blanka aged 36)

Kanclerz (Poland, 1991) (aged 36)

Mniejsze zlo (Janusz Morgenstern, Poland, 2009) (aged 54)

M jak milosc S01E: Episode #1.987 (2013) (as Buisnesswoman aged 58)

Prawo Agaty S03E05: Episode #3.5 (2013) (as Laywer s Wife aged 58)

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