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Inga Alexandrova

A review and pictures of actress Inga Alexandrova naked in "Malabestia".
Inga Alexandrova

Born: 1949

An enigmatic dark-haired Slavic starlet good at showing both anger and slow-burning passion.


A.A.A. cercasi spia... disposta spiare per conto spie (Luigi Petrini, Italy, 1976) (as Capo sezione P di Pechino aged 27)

Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur (Sergio Garrone, Italy, 1976) (as Russian prisoner aged 27)

Maldoror (Alberto Cavallone, Italy, 1977) (aged 28)

Le lunghe notti della Gestapo (Fabio De Agostini, Italy, 1977) (as Fräulein Tahring aged 28)

Zanna Bianca e il grande Kid (Vito Bruschini, Italy, 1977) (aged 28)

# Malabestia (Leonida Leoncini, Italy, 1978) (featuring Inga Alexandrova as Alessandra aged 29) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Femi Benussi, Sirpa Lane, Ninetto Davoli, Enzo Monteduro, Francesco Mulè, Franco Lantieri, Loredana Rubino, Austeen Cooper, Bruno Amatucci, Vera Drudi, Paolo Celli and Liliana Tabacchino

Inga Alexandrova in Malabestia

An unusually muddled Italian melodramatic comedy in which Inga is one half of an unhappily married couple holidaying in Rome. We join her as she reacts angrily to hubby barging in on her in the shower. If this is supposed to be a second honeymoon it's started off on the wrong note.

These two scream at each other more or less constantly, only quieting down to talk to divorce lawyers. Not unusual for Italians, though in this case it does lead to their young daughter running away. Stress levels back "up to eleven" then.

Inga comes across at first as the bitchy Claudia Gravy type, and the couple's romantic problems seem to stem from her frigidity. Hence the flashback to a nasty marital rape scene.

Later, against all the odds, Inga sees the error of her ways, redoes her hair and make-up, hires a new lighting cameraman, and transforms into wet-dream housewife Nanette Newman. At first her husband is nonplussed: perhaps it's a passive aggressive way of saying he's not giving her enough housekeeping for washing-up liquid?! But no, it's just a simple hint that he's welcome to make mad passionate love to her, that's all. It's quite romantic in fact; why didn't she do this before? It even brings their little girl back.

Tags: bashful, domestic, phone, rape, sex, shower


Malabestia Malabestia Malabestia Malabestia Malabestia

Masoch (Franco Brogi Taviani, Italy, 1980) (as Irina aged 31)

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