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Verónica Miriel

A review and pictures of actress Verónica Miriel naked in "La llamada del sexo".
Verónica Miriel

Born: 1955   Country: Spain

A Spanish starlet whose slim physique and warm open features helped her play roles a litle younger than her years.

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La dynamite est bonne à boire (France, 1974) (aged 19)

Los inmorales (Alfonso Balcázar, Spain, 1974) (aged 19)

El último proceso en París (José Canalejas, Spain, 1974) (aged 19)

Relación matrimonial y otras cosas (Alberto Vidal, Spain, 1975) (aged 20)

Los hijos de Scaramouche (George Martin, Spain, 1975) (aged 20)

La maldición de la bestia (Miguel Iglesias, Spain, 1975) (as Melody aged 20)

Kilma, Queen of the Amazons (Miguel Iglesias, Spain, 1975) (as Anoé aged 20)

Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro (Umberto Lenzi, Italy, 1975) (as Jenny Hamilton aged 20)

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La nueva Marilyn (José Antonio de la Loma, Spain, 1976) (as Verónica aged 21)

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Striptease (Germán Lorente, Spain, 1976) (as Gatita aged 21)

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La saga de los Rius S01E05: Episode #1.5 (Pedro Amalio López, 1976) (aged 21)

Las alimañas (Amando de Ossorio, Spain, 1976) (as Jacqueline aged 21)

El jovencito Drácula (Carlos Benpar, Spain, 1976) (as Lucy aged 21)

Vivir a mil (José Campos, Spain, 1976) (as Susana aged 21)

Deseo (Alfonso Balcázar, Spain, 1976) (as Elena aged 21)

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Niñas... al salón (Vicente Escrivá, Spain, 1977) (aged 22)

Tengamos la guerra en paz (Eugenio Martín, Spain, 1977) (as Catalina aged 22)

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La dudosa virilidad de Cristóbal (Juan Bosch, Spain, 1977) (as Trini aged 22)

El despertar de los sentidos (Manuel Esteba, Spain, 1977) (aged 22)

# La llamada del sexo (Tulio Demicheli, Mexico, 1979) (featuring Verónica Miriel as Karin aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Claudia Gravy, Rossy Mendoza, Andrés García, George Hilton, Eduardo Fajardo, Franklin Dominguez, Augusto Feria, Teddy Beltrán, César Olmos, Liliano Angulo, Licena de Bas and Eduardo García

Verónica Miriel in La llamada del sexo

Tame Mexican erotic drama that opens in such a clichéd manner that by the time it actually starts getting a little intriguing you'll completely have lost track of what was supposed to be going on. Verónica's definitely in it though. She plays some sort of pretty young thing, apple of the eye of veteran actor George Hilton.

The first clip, two early scenes run together, suggests Verónica has hopes of becoming a model. This is based on her shrugging herself free of her encumbering clothing and desporting herself about the swings and garden furniture in such an uninhibited fashion. She reminds me of some of my more outgoing young nieces.

The second clip is more exotic, being a sort of high class amateur strip show for an audience of one. Verónica is playing the role of Little Bo Peep, starting off by closing down her parasol (a nice touch) and moving on from there. Since we've already seen her little dumplings more than once, is there any point showing them off again? I think it's more a matter of showcasing the director actually. Proving he's good for something more sophisticated than just filming juicy starlets skipping across the lawn pretending they're still teenagers with their blouses flapping open.

In the third clip a naked Verónica gets shot dead in the middle of a steamy sex session. If you don't like violence, don't worry, it's all hopelessly unconvincing. I'm not even ruling out the girl turning up alive again later on, it's the sort of film where silly twists like that happen.

Tags: blood, corpse, full-frontal, garden, horseplay, mirror, posing, running, striptease, violence

Gallery 1

La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo

Gallery 2

La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo

Gallery 3

La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo La llamada del sexo

Las alegres chicas de 'El Molino' (José Antonio de la Loma, Spain, 1977) (as Verónica aged 22)

¿Y ahora qué, señor fiscal? (León Klimovsky, Mexico, 1977) (as Rosa aged 22)

El maravilloso mundo del sexo (Mariano García, Spain, 1978) (as Chica morena aged 23)

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Borrasca (Miguel Ángel Rivas, Spain, 1978) (aged 23)

Deseo carnal (Manuel Iglesias, Spain, 1978) (as Nori aged 23)

Río de la muerte (José Ullóa, Mexico, 1979) (as Leticia aged 24)

Perros callejeros II (José Antonio de la Loma, Mexico, 1979) (as Verónica aged 24)

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El día del presidente (Pedro Ruiz, Spain, 1979) (aged 24)

Seven Dangerous Girls (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1979) (as Berta aged 24)

Démons de midi (Christian Paureilhe, Spain, 1979) (aged 24)

Juventud sin freno (José Ulloa, Spain, 1979) (aged 24)

Los cántabros (Paul Naschy, Spain, 1980) (as Elia aged 25)

Amigo (Tito Davison, Mexico, 1980) (as Novia de Rudy aged 25)

La amante ingenua (José Ulloa, Spain, 1980) (as Maru aged 25)

Le c... de Marilyne (Jean Luret, Spain, 1980) (as Véronique aged 25)

Un sacco bello (Carlo Verdone, Italy, 1980) (as Marisol aged 25)

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Una moglie, due amici, quattro amanti (Michele Massimo Tarantini, Italy, 1980) (as Antonella aged 25)

Las mujeres de Jeremías (Ramón Fernández, Mexico, 1981) (as Raquel aged 26)

De mica en mica s'omple la pica (Carlos Benpar, Spain, 1984) (as Verónica aged 29)

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