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Maija Eglite

A review and pictures of actress Maija Eglite naked in "Beshenoe zoloto".
Maija Eglite

Born: 1954   Country: Soviet Union

Unexceptional brunette from Latvia with a handful of roles in popular Soviet dramas.


Mirazh (Soviet Union)

# Beshenoe zoloto (Samson Samsonov, Soviet Union, 1977) (featuring Maija Eglite aged 23) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Boris Ivanov, Valentin Gaft, Nonna Terentyeva, Nikolay Yerofeyev, Nikolay Olyalin, Gleb Strizhenov, Olga Yakovleva and Yuri Sobolkov

Maija Eglite in Beshenoe zoloto

An adaptation of JB Priestley's TV play Treasure on Pelican about a motley collection of treasure hunters living it up on a desert island. Maija is a somewhat distant character, often hiding behind heavy shades. Soon we find out why the aloofness: she's gone on a beach holiday and forgotten to pack a bathing suit. So the poor lass is doomed to spend the whole time dodging invitations to come in the water. "It's not healthy to swim after one has been drinking. Especially gin." she might say archly.

Eventually Maija does find a quiet enough moment to take down her khaki shorts for a quick dip in the sea with nobody watching (well almost nobody - there's always one isn't there?). The scene is a little too much on the discreet side, but I'll never say no to spying on a skinny-dip. And as for the audience of the day... well Soviet cinema was so chronically prudish about nudity any sort of glimpse of an actress's pubic hair had to last the comrades a long long time.

Tags: beach, skinny-dip, voyeur


Beshenoe zoloto Beshenoe zoloto Beshenoe zoloto Beshenoe zoloto Beshenoe zoloto

Piraty XX veka (Boris Durov, Soviet Union, 1980) (aged 26)

Ja nebutu si skuka (Richard Piks, Soviet Union, 1980) (aged 26)

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