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Fátima Celebrini

A review and pictures of actress Fátima Celebrini naked in "Duas Estranhas Mulheres".
Fátima Celebrini

Country: Brazil

A minor pornochanchada starlet, quite dignified in her deportment but with a certain something about her looks that still cries 'porn star'.


As Amiguinhas (Carlos Alberto Almeida, Brazil, 1979)

A Virgem Camuflada (Célio Gonçalves, Brazil, 1979)

A Prisão (Oswaldo de Oliveira, Brazil, 1980) (as Atores Coadjuvantes)

Orgia das Libertinas (Ary Fernandes, Brazil, 1980)

As Prostitutas do Dr. Alberto (Alfredo Sternheim, Brazil, 1981)

# Duas Estranhas Mulheres (Jair Correia, Brazil, 1981) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Zélia Diniz, Mii Saki, Patrícia Scalvi, Joel Angrisani, John Doo, Odilon Escobar, Paulo Minervino, Sérgio Paula, Hélio Porto and Vandi Zachias

Fátima Celebrini in Duas Estranhas Mulheres

A stranded Fátima is picked up while hitchhiking on the highway across the mountains in this Brazilian mystery tale. Her rescuer looks a solid enough bloke. We know he married the lovely Misaki Tanaka to save her from a life of vice and degradation for example (we saw him fingering Misaki in her sleep earlier in the story). I reckon he's checked the situation out pretty thoroughly before stopping to make sure it's safe. No risk of a honey-pot robbery out here in the sticks, and the 'ghost girl' stories of urban legend he's sensibly pushed to the back of his mind (especially after seeing that fatal crash a mile back - enough to give anyone the creeps).

There's something about a nubile hitcher asleep in the passenger seat that makes erotic fantasies about her a strangely powerful temptation. But it's important not to overdo it, especially when you've been driving all day. Perhaps you thought it was permitted by the Highway Code so long as you didn't take a hand off the wheel to slyly open your zip thus compromising your control of the vehicle? Better read it again.

Incidentally the star of this story is John Doo, a director of some talent (cf. Volúpia de Mulher, Pornô!). He doesn't have a directing or writing credit on this one, though the recurring theme of making love to naked unconscious women makes one suspect a man giving himself free rein to act out an obsessive sexual fantasy.

Tags: fingering, full-frontal, sex


Duas Estranhas Mulheres Duas Estranhas Mulheres Duas Estranhas Mulheres Duas Estranhas Mulheres Duas Estranhas Mulheres

A Volta de Jerônimo (Agenor Alves, Brazil, 1981)

Sacanagem (Brazil, 1983) (as i (Gatas no Cio) )

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