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Andrea Camargo

Reviews and pictures of actress Andrea Camargo naked in "Na Violência do Sexo" and "Nos Tempos da Vaselina".
Andrea Camargo

Country: Brazil

Slightly built blonde Brazilian starlet with an extra-warm smile.


Desejo violento (Roberto Mauro, Brazil, 1978)

A Praia do Pecado (Roberto Mauro, Brazil, 1978) (as Rosely)

Embalos Alucinantes (José Miziara, Brazil, 1978)

O Atleta Sexual (Antonio Ciambra, Brazil, 1978)

# Na Violência do Sexo (Antonio Bonacin Thome, Brazil, 1978) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Novani Novakoski, Edgard Franco, Ewerton de Castro, Clayton Silva, Pedro Cassador, Genésio de Carvalho, Noêmia Lemes, Waldir Siebert, David Húngaro, Eraldo Barbosa and Peirão de Castro

Andrea Camargo in Na Violência do Sexo

Brazilian rape gang shocker that represents the absolute nadir of the genre. The best thing about it is the awful warning it gives to those of us who've ever thought about putting a few good ideas we've had on video: it'll certainly turn out like this.

This gang have already done one tediously drawn-out rape before they turn up on Andrea's doorstep - and don't even knock. The motivation is that one of their number has since left the gang in disgust, and Andrea is his girlfriend. Which hardly seems fair, especially from Andrea's point of view. She's a handsome lass and deserves better than this.

Recognising notorious tough guy Genésio de Carvalho waiting his turn Andrea realises events aren't going to take an upturn any time soon. With his sort it's either butterfly kisses on the tummy button or full-on buggerisation; there's absolutely no middle ground. Afterwards they all weigh in with the cigarette burns and good old kicking - depicted with comic ineptitude so not too distressing to watch.

Now all that remains is for Andrea to drag herself naked to the telephone and force her trembling fingers to dial for help. Or so she thinks. It's now the real torture begins; it's worse than calling the tax office. Waiting for someone to answer the thing, waiting for that someone to hand over to the correct someone, waiting for the correct someone to realise there's a matter that actually needs attention etc. etc. If it's frustrating for us watching at home imagine how it must be for poor Andrea! By the time she drums it into her young chap's head that he's urgently needed and is going to be able to act out his pathetic rescue fantasy for real I do believe she is actually dying.

Tags: beaten, degradation, phone, rape, stripped


Na Violência do Sexo Na Violência do Sexo Na Violência do Sexo Na Violência do Sexo Na Violência do Sexo

O Artesão de Mulheres (Antonio Bonacin Thome, Brazil, 1978)

# Nos Tempos da Vaselina (José Miziara, Brazil, 1979) (featuring Andrea Camargo as Dadá) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Alvamar Taddei, Meiry Vieira, Kate Lyra, Aldine Muller, João Carlos Barroso, Maurício do Valle, Petty Pesce, Marcus Jardym, Nidia de Paula, Canarinho, Fernando Reski and Ângelo Antônio

Andrea Camargo in Nos Tempos da Vaselina

A tip for your beach holiday this year from this Brazilian comedy, handy if you're feeling like the new kid on the Copacabana and can do nothing right. The way to 'pull' is to try not to stare at a girl adjusting the line of her bikini, all the while looking wistful and pathetic. It worked on Andrea anyway, but maybe that's because she's the only nice one left.

Oh, and once she's led you by the hand to a more private beach and taken her top off, look around nervously for the costumes optional sign and she'll pull her pants down too. Andrea did anyway. But keep your swimming trunks within reach at all times, because there'll always be some joker waiting to mess things up and have you walking back to the hotel in a shopping bag like the young chap here.

Tags: beach, interrupted, outdoor, petting, skinny-dip, undressing


Nos Tempos da Vaselina Nos Tempos da Vaselina Nos Tempos da Vaselina Nos Tempos da Vaselina Nos Tempos da Vaselina

A Virgem Camuflada (Célio Gonçalves, Brazil, 1979)

Sócias do Prazer (Waldir Kopesky, Brazil, 1980)

O Fotógrafo (Jean Garret, Brazil, 1980)

Noite de Orgia (Agenor Alves, Brazil, 1980)

Em Busca do Orgasmo (Waldir Kopesky, Brazil, 1981)

Ousadia (Luiz Castellini, Brazil, 1982)

Tessa, a Gata (John Herbert, Brazil, 1982)

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