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Leonora Fani

Reviews and pictures of actress Leonora Fani naked in "La svergognata", "Perché si uccidono", "Giallo a Venezia", and 8 more titles.
Leonora Fani

Born: 1954   Country: Italy

At first Leonora starred in respectable Italian comedies but quickly gravitated to sleaze. Her looks were delicately pretty, but her typically unglamorous make-up gave her an attainable girl-next-door look. And she didn't just look younger than her years, making her a believable teenager well into her twenties, she looked vulnerable and innocent too. That's a rare gift after suffering years of semi-pornographic trash.

Leonora Fani (born in 1954) is an Italian retired film actress.Born in Cornuda (Treviso) as Eleonora Cristofani, Leonora Fani was launched in 1971 by winning the "Miss Teenager" pageant. Then she had a successful career in Italian B-movies, especially in the "violent-erotic" subgenre. She played, as typical roles, young girls with traumas or perversions of various kinds, or teenagers involved in stories where eroticism is tinged with blood.  snippet from Wikipedia

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Leonora - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Metti... che ti rompo il muso (Giuseppe Vari, Italy, 1973) (aged 19)

# Amore mio non farmi male (Vittorio Sindoni, Italy, 1974) (featuring Leonora Fani as Anna De Simone aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Walter Chiari, Valentina Cortese, Luciano Salce, Macha Méril, Roberto Chevalier, Gabriella Giorgelli, Leopoldo Trieste, Enzo Robutti, Pia Velsi, Renato Campese, Filippo De Gara and Beppe Valenti

Leonora Fani in Amore mio non farmi male

Here's a tip for budding young Romeos: if her father's an airline pilot, don't try to get her knickers down when you're under the flight path. A second tip might mention avoiding cellars for first-time fornication when your parents know the way to the grating. Thirdly and finally there might be something about keeping shortwave radio gear switched off during a bonking session. (Or something - I wish I'd never started this now.) Anyway, here's three scenes from a typical Italian comedy with a young Leonora at the start of her career. Isn't that thumbs-up in the nightdress a classic?

Tags: first-time, outdoor, parents-interrupt, petting, undressing


Amore mio non farmi male Amore mio non farmi male Amore mio non farmi male Amore mio non farmi male

# Il domestico (Luigi Filippo D'Amico, Italy, 1974) (featuring Leonora Fani as Martina aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Femi Benussi, Martine Brochard, Erika Blanc, Lando Buzzanca, Arnoldo Foà, Silvia Monti, Paolo Carlini, Enzo Cannavale, Nanda Primavera, Renzo Marignano, Antonino Faà di Bruno and Luciano Salce

Leonora Fani in Il domestico

Typical Italian comedy about a devoted old retainer and the romantic scrapes in which his job involves him. When Leonora bounces on screen as the pampered young daughter of the house the fact that she is in pigtails and clutching a teddy bear bodes No Good. On top of this she is as acutely sexually frustrated as she is monumentally bog-eyed, a problem for the man with the job of waiting on her at dinner as it gives her the table manners of Katell Laennec.

This amusing little episode occurs as Leonora is bathing in the sea. Suddenly she cries out and the butler comes running! Is the young signorina drowning perhaps? No, she's just lost her pants, possibly the victim of some sort of marine animal, but more likely she slipped them off on purpose. Our domestic hero must dive for the errant briefs whilst their owner makes a dramatic dash for the sun loungers. Lucky it was a private beach.

Tags: beach, bottomless, running


Il domestico Il domestico Il domestico Il domestico Il domestico

# La svergognata (Giuliano Biagetti, Italy, 1974) (featuring Leonora Fani as Ornella Bernardi aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Barbara Bouchet, Philippe Leroy, Pupo De Luca, Dana Ghia, Stefano Amato, Maria Pia Conte, Filippo De Gara, Serena Cociani, Dante Cleri, Fiorella Masselli, Gerlinde Heller and Walter Manfredi

Leonora Fani in La svergognata

Another hackneyed old story about a pretty young girl falling in love with a middle-aged writer (who on earth comes up with this stuff?). Leonora is holidaying by the sea with her mum, putting aside her boyfriend to flirt with said writer who is seeking literary inspiration away from his wife. Seeking it through a pair of binoculars unfortunately, the sad old perv. Soon Leonora is in trouble with said mum, being told off in only her pants, but at her age that's par for the course.

I'm sure Leonora isn't really so naïve, but she's playing the game as if when a man invites her to relax round at his place the naughtiest thing he wants to do is sit around with her playing records in the nude. While naturally he has something more grown-up in mind. Like at least copping a bit of a feel. He's a smooth worker, but eventually Leonora walks out in a huff.

It takes a blazing row to get them into bed together. Sadly this scene is very coyly filmed and edited in the sort of art-house style current in Europe ten years previously.

Tags: carried, dressing, petting, undressed, undressing


La svergognata La svergognata La svergognata La svergognata La svergognata

Son tornate a fiorire le rose (Vittorio Sindoni, Italy, 1975) (as Anna De Simone aged 21)

L'agression (Gérard Pirès, France, 1975) (as Josy aged 21)

Lezioni private (Vittorio De Sisti, Italy, 1975) (as Emanuela Finzi aged 21)

Fermi tutti! È una rapina (Enzo Battaglia, Italy, 1975) (aged 21)

# Calde labbra (Demofilo Fidani, Italy, 1976) (featuring Leonora Fani as Francesca aged 22) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Claudine Beccarie, Sofia Dionisio, Walter Romagnoli, Rosemarie Lindt, Didier Faya, Jacques Stany, Gabriella D'Amico, Emilio Roy and Domenico Trogu

Leonora Fani in Calde labbra

An everyday story of lesbian teens, their live-in lesbian French Mistresses, and their pretty bisexual girl chums in this uninspired Italian potboiler. Leonora chucked her dolly after a row with her mother within the first five minutes; not a good sign, but she's in better countenance this morning. Not content to just hug her teddy bear all night, she gives it a little wake-up kiss as well. After a long long goodness-me-I'm-still-so-tired stretch she slips out of bed, tugs her knickers up (very important this), pulls her Snoopy jumper over her head, and gives another of those long unconvincing arm stretches. So that's her ready to face the day. It all looks like a rehearsal and is one of those times you wish they'd done a second take - you barely even see pubic hair.

The second clip is much better. Leonora thinks it's her mother come to wake her this morning so is having none of it. But - surprise! - it's best friend Monica (Sofia Dionisio). Swoosshh!! off come the bedsheets. Lucky Leonora didn't have any pants on or she'd have pulled those down as well - this girl takes no prisoners. Now there's just the problem of making a mad dash for the bathroom without the nosey parker seeing her bum - quick while she's opening the curtains or it'll be too late! So what now - try each other's clothes on? I've heard rumours that's what young girls do in their bedrooms together with the door closed. Well it almost happens, but not this time - they're off out. Not to a nude beach as the closing shot might suggest; it's nearly Christmas, so probably giving each other 'backies' on their scooters in wooly hats as is their charming wont.

Tags: bashful, cuddly-toy, dressing, full-frontal

Gallery 1

Calde labbra Calde labbra Calde labbra Calde labbra Calde labbra

Gallery 2

Calde labbra Calde labbra Calde labbra Calde labbra Calde labbra

# Die Hinrichtung (Denis Héroux, France, 1976) (featuring Leonora Fani as Jenny aged 22) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Debra Berger, Mathieu Carrière, Christine Boisson, Myriam Boyer, Ely Galleani, Carole Laure, Eva Mattes, Andrée Pelletier, Ehmi Bessel, Karl-Heinz Kreienbaum, Paul Edwin Roth and Illa Hedergott

Leonora Fani in Die Hinrichtung

Loosely inspired (along with one or two other 'seventies slashers) by a massacre carried out by some loser at an American student nurses' home, Born for Hell portrays said loser as a Vietnam veteran in Northern Ireland at the height of The Troubles. No doubt we will learn something about the universal and enduring nature of human violence from this, helped by the fact that the protagonist's name is Cain.

Leonora plays on her innocent appeal to perfection as a student nurse, coming across as almost 'simple'. When she sits up late one night sharing a bottle of wine with her best friend (Christine Boisson) the intimate tone of the older girl's conversation begins to make Leonora feel uncomfortable. She doesn't know quite why, but she finds herself instinctively checking that her pyjama bottoms are buttoned up tightly enough.

Enter Cain, armed with a knife, and with rather more specific ideas about how two young females can express their affection for each other. In a remarkably nasty sequence he makes them strip, has them attempt lesbian sex, and when this falls flat gives Leonora her customary thrashing with a belt. It turns out he is one of those mixed-up kind of murderers who likes to tend to his victims' wounds afterwards.

Tags: blood, carried, full-frontal, spanking, stripped, two-women, violence, washing


Die Hinrichtung Die Hinrichtung Die Hinrichtung Die Hinrichtung Die Hinrichtung

Per amore di Cesarina (Vittorio Sindoni, Italy, 1976) (aged 22)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

# Bestialità (George Eastman, Italy, 1976) (featuring Leonora Fani as Jeanine aged 22) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ilona Staller, Franca Stoppi, Philippe March, Juliette Mayniel, Enrico Maria Salerno, Paul Muller, Ennio Balbo, Lorenzo Fineschi, Cinzia Romanazzi, Marisa Valenti, Katharina Williams and Rodolfo Lodi

Leonora Fani in Bestialità

Something of a 'controversial' title in Leonora's filmography, this isn't nearly as bad as its reputation suggests. It's pretty much your standard boring 'swinger' drama, the 'dog' connection basically coming down to the girl the middle-aged couple bring in to make up a threesome is given to howling and frothing at the mouth on the night of the full moon.

The couple in question (Juliette Mayniel and Philippe March), while staying at a remote Mediterranean villa, become intrigued by Leonora, a lonesome tomboyish young thing often seen in the company of an intimidating black dog. One day the wife's motherly instincts take over and, no doubt concerned about what the bare-footed girl has been treading in, invites her in for a bath. Now here's a question for those of us concerned about learning the social niceties from cinematic trash: how long, when accidently walking in on his wife bathing a young female stranger, should a man stand ogling in the doorway before making a tactful withdrawl? Answer: no more than twelve seconds, or he's a pervert (I timed it).

So, as you will see in the long compilation making up the first clip, the wife gets her kicks reading Leonora a bedtime story, and the husband gets his kicks raping the girl after she's fallen asleep. Hmm. Anyway, soon this woman too is coming over all Miss Denora with the girl, and in a memorable image hubby walks in on them curled up naked like two Venuses in a half shell. A prelude to a threesome to soft music if ever there was one.

The second clip is shorter, and illustrates the troubled girl's whole 'foaming at the mouth on the night of the full moon' thing I mentioned. Which (let's be broadminded about this) can be a terrifically endearing quirk in a young girl as much as it is a dratted nuisance when you're sleeping three in a bed. Leonora's acting is superb, which it always is in such intense scenes.

Tags: bath, full-frontal, molested, seizure, soapsuds, threesome, voyeur, washing

Clip 1

Bestialità Bestialità Bestialità Bestialità Bestialità

Clip 2

Bestialità Bestialità Bestialità Bestialità Bestialità

Il conto è chiuso (Stelvio Massi, Italy, 1976) (as Nina aged 22)

# Perché si uccidono (Mauro Macario, Italy, 1976) (featuring Leonora Fani aged 22) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Maurice Ronet, Beba Loncar, Marco Renis, Antonio Pierfederici, Luciano Rossi, Micaela Pignatelli, Lia Dezman, Enrico Longo Doria, Armando Rossi, Margherita Fumero, Iginio Bonazzi and Adriano Praga

Leonora Fani in Perché si uccidono

Dated psychedelic Italian drama featuring Leonora as a drug addict on a downward spiral leading poor little rich boys astray. Can't believe that of Leonora? Try this for size: she strips off in her very first scene and walks out onto the landing naked. Yep, she really has let herself go, she doesn't even care if her mum shouts at her any more. (I think nudity on the landing is frowned upon in most households even if not in yours, especially when the girl can be seen by the people downstairs.)

Tags: sex, undressing


Perché si uccidono Perché si uccidono Perché si uccidono Perché si uccidono Perché si uccidono

# Pensione paura (Francesco Barilli, Italy, 1978) (featuring Leonora Fani as Rosa aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Luc Merenda, Francisco Rabal, Jole Fierro, José María Prada, Lidia Biondi, Máximo Valverde, Francesco Impeciati, Luigi De Santis, Carlo Totti, Maria D'Alessandro, Arnaldo Caivano and Diala Caruso

Leonora Fani in Pensione paura

This unsung giallo masterpiece is Leonora's best film. She plays the teenage daughter of a hotelkeeping mother during the 'spiv' era in Italy at the end of WWII. In the first clip her mother is helping her try on a new dress (no bra and massive pants!) and is not sparing of hugs in the process. So I'm dreaming about how great it would be to be Leonora's mum, and worrying a little about whether I'm mature enough to deal with the responsibilities, when out of the blue the poor woman gets bumped off! So that's the end of that train of thought then. More importantly it leaves Leonora on her own in charge of the hotel, at the mercy of every voyeur, rapist and murderer on the premises. The first clip has three scenes showing what she is up against. It turns out she's a very brave girl indeed.

The second clip is heavily edited from a single episode. Leonora putting on her nightdress, simple though it may be, is a classic nude scene. There follows comfort from a false friend, leading to a brutal rape. I left that out because it was just too nasty. Leonora, eyes wide and chest heaving, acts her recovery and flight magnificently. Then locked in her room, washing herself clean, she still can't feel safe.

Tags: bashful, bidet, big-knickers, dressing, fear, full-frontal, hairy, mirror, molested, undressed, undressing, voyeur

Clip 1

Pensione paura Pensione paura Pensione paura Pensione paura Pensione paura Pensione paura

Clip 2

Pensione paura Pensione paura Pensione paura Pensione paura Pensione paura Pensione paura

Nenè (Salvatore Samperi, Italy, 1977) (as Nenè aged 23)

# Sensività (Enzo G. Castellari, 1979) (featuring Leonora Fani as Lilian - college researcher aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Patricia Adriani, Vincent Gardenia, Wolfango Soldati, Massimo Vanni, Marta Flores, Antonio Mayans, José Sánchez, Luis Induni, Caterina Boratto, Alberto Squillante, Enzo G. Castellari and Bernard Seray

Leonora Fani in Sensività

Leonora fans who are also leather fetishists will be delighted to find that she opens this rural Italian supernatural shocker in biker gear. She doesn't keep it on for very long, but that's probably a good thing rather than a bad thing. It's an utterly stupid but (though you'd hardly credit it from these clips) cinematically imaginative and vigorous piece of trash and heartily recommended.

The first clip sees Leonora having sex with a random young fellow after dark in the open. I'm afraid she acts an absolute slut in this film, though faithfulness to her role as a visiting American college researcher explains that side of things. If the clip appears choppy I cut out some supernatural gubbins towards the end, though the crazy bit with the cat where it grinds to a halt then starts up again is nothing to do with me.

The second clip is another sex scene with another random young fellow, in a bed this time, but it's all a bit distant and not very revealing.

The third clip is more like it. Leonora is having sex in a decaying old boat in some sort of tumble-down warehouse. Why? Because the director thinks that making the best use of the locations available is more important than logic and common sense that's why. We see some pubic hair in this one, and Leonora is forced to flee with only her tattered dress to clutch against her naked body.

The climactic scene is the best, a fantastic catfight with the gipsy girl whose appearances may have been puzzling you (to put it mildly) in the clips so far. For this clip see under Patricia Adriani.

Tags: barn, motorbike, outdoor, petting, sex

Clip 1

Sensività Sensività Sensività Sensività Sensività

Clip 2

Sensività Sensività Sensività Sensività Sensività

Clip 3

Sensività Sensività Sensività Sensività Sensività

# Giallo a Venezia (Mario Landi, Italy, 1979) (featuring Leonora Fani as Flavia aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Mariangela Giordano, Maria Mancini, Jeff Blynn, Gianni Dei, Michele Renzullo, Eolo Capritti, Vassili Karis, Giancarlo Del Duca, Giuseppe Curia, Luciano Foti, Alba Maiolini and Maurizio Streccioni

Leonora Fani in Giallo a Venezia

This has a reputation as one of the nastiest of the giallo genre, which is not really deserved. It's not even what most people would call a giallo to start with, more a plain slasher / soft porn combination. And it's not actually exceptionally violent either, at least not for the era. What seems to give it extra punch is the beauty and apparent respectability of its two star actresses, Leonora and Mariangela Giordano. They really don't deserve to be here, to an extent that makes you squirm.

Leonora is married in this role, but to one of those 'unsatisfactory' types who'd rather fantasise about sex than do it. The first clip establishes his main weakness - voyeurism by proxy. He likes to show off his wife to any Tom, Dick or Harry. Hence this sordid and not very revealing grope-and-bonk in a Venice boatyard.

The second clip sees Leonora undress for a traditional sex scene, only for hubbie to break off half way through and start flicking through the plates in the sort of art book Richard Richard used to read when he was 'alone in the house'. That scene wasn't worth watching really, it's just the setup for the next one. Leonora, left by herself, begins to masturbate. It's simply a classic scene, what more can I say, the screencaps speak for themselves. If it seems a bit jumpy it's because I've edited out shots of that drip (he's called Fabio) and his porny art book.

Clip number four is where the real misogyny starts. A coked-up Fabio assaults his naked wife with a lash. Horrible, but don't worry, Leonora is used to it. It happens to this actress so often it's practically her trademark. And the couple make up. You can see from the caps they make up.

The final two clips are more of the relatively wholesome kinks of voyeurism and exhibitionism. Number five sees Leonora caught unawares by Fabio while she has her hands full sorting out a problem with a household appliance. Sometimes a clever-dick critic will complain an actress doesn't act she 'reacts'. With Leonora's it's her greatest strength, and never more so than here. Finally a blameless young delivery boy gets dragged into the couple's erotic domestic games.

Tags: flashing, full-frontal, housework, masturbation, outdoor, seductress, sex, spanking, voyeur

Clip 1

Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia

Clip 2

Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia

Clip 3

Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia

Clip 4

Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia

Clip 5

Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia

Clip 6

Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia Giallo a Venezia

Eden no sono (Yasuzô Masumura, Italy, 1980) (as Alessandra aged 26)

Champagne... e fagioli (Oscar Brazzi, Italy, 1980) (aged 26)

# Peccati a Venezia (Amasi Damiani, Italy, 1980) (featuring Leonora Fani as Franca aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Marisa Mell, Gianni Dei, Dora Calindri, Gino Cassani, Mario De Rosa, Giancarlo Del Duca, Laura Levi, Giovanni Morosi and Gabriella Tricca

Leonora Fani in Peccati a Venezia

I'd never really thought of Leonora as a lesbian rapist before. It's an unlikely idea, but an intriguing one, especially when one is in a more hairy-handed frame of mind. And it's the sort of thing you have to expect as she grows older and begins to find her true identity as a woman. Question is though, if you knew she was like this beforehand, would you let her in the house? Well what about your mother's house? Even after you find she prefers the older woman? Well what about if her mother is living with her then?

These dilemmas are addressed in this atmospheric and relatively restrained giallo set in a gloomy Venetian palazzo. Leonora is as appealing as ever, with her piercing eyes and vagabond-just-dragged-from-the-canal hair. Her elegant lady victim is played by Marisa Mell, but other than that I don't know who all these characters are. But when it comes to sexual desire in this class of film nothing less than a college professor or blood relation quite cuts it.

Tags: bodyhandling, corpse, lesbian, mortuary, petting, sex, violator


Peccati a Venezia Peccati a Venezia Peccati a Venezia Peccati a Venezia Peccati a Venezia

Febbre a 40! (Marius Mattei, West Germany, 1980) (as Sandy Temple aged 26)

Uomini di parola (Tano Cimarosa, Italy, 1981) (as La figlistra aged 27)

Habibi, amor mío (Luis Gómez Valdivieso, Spain, 1981) (aged 27)

Dei miei bollenti spiriti (Sandro Bolchi, Italy, 1981) (as Iva aged 27)

Difendimi dalla notte (Claudio Fragasso, Italy, 1982) (aged 28)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Leonora - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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