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Olimpia Carlisi

A review and pictures of actress Olimpia Carlisi naked in "Le milieu du monde".
Olimpia Carlisi

Born: 1946   Country: Italy

An actress who preferred arthouse films to everything else, even if it meant the very low budget sort. Mostly she worked outside her native Italy. Her typical Mediterranean features she kept in lightly groomed but still natural trim, giving her a beautiful yet attainable aura.

Olimpia Carlisi (born 29 December 1946), is an Italian actress.  snippet from Wikipedia

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Festival di Sanremo (Italy, 1951) (aged 5)

I visionari (Maurizio Ponzi, Italy, 1968) (aged 22)

Giovinezza, giovinezza (Franco Rossi, Italy, 1969) (as Olimpia aged 23)

Atti degli apostoli (Italy, 1969) (aged 23)

Sotto il segno dello scorpione (Italy, 1969) (aged 23)

Olimpia agli amici (Adriano Aprà, Italy, 1970) (aged 24)

Les yeux ne veulent pas en tout temps se fermer, ou Peut-être qu'un jour Rome se permettra de choisir à son tour (West Germany, 1970) (as Camille aged 24)

Catch-22 (Mike Nichols, USA, 1970) (aged 24)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Equinozio (Maurizio Ponzi, Italy, 1971) (aged 25)

La cavale (Michel Mitrani, France, 1971) (as Maria Salfati aged 25)

Faire la déménageuse (José Varela, France, 1972) (as Julie aged 26)

Joseph Balsamo S01E01: Audienz in Versailles (1973) (as Lorenza aged 27)

# Le milieu du monde (Alain Tanner, Switzerland, 1974) (featuring Olimpia Carlisi as Adriana aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Juliet Berto, Philippe Léotard, Denise Péron, Jacques Denis, Roger Jendly, Gilbert Bahon, Pierre Walker, Paul Pasquier, Adrien Nicati, Pierre Ruegg, Alain Chevallier and Robert Guillon

Olimpia Carlisi in Le milieu du monde

This Alain Tanner film is about a casual romance with a waitress in a shabby and autumnal setting. Yes, another one. The first clip sees Olimpia sitting in her room drinking tea (or the continental equivalent thereof). Possibly she's drinking it to keep warm as she's stark naked and has even left the curtains open. Nothing much happens before she finally gives up the battle against the cold, but for lovers of the natural female form it happens in an unforgettable way.

Next up is a clip for any blokes out there wondering what's a suitable gift for your mistress. Worried about having to splash out too much? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Finally we have a scene in a better class of hotel. Olimpia breezes in as if she'd just got in from work, but then you notice she's naked underneath what you took for a warm overcoat. After a bath together a waiter brings supper. Notice at what a breakneck pace he arrives with the trolley, almost skidding across the carpet. I hope he's not some wretched voyeur trying to catch Olimpia with her gown open again.

Tags: bath, full-frontal, hairy, petting

Clip 1

Le milieu du monde Le milieu du monde Le milieu du monde Le milieu du monde

Clip 2

Le milieu du monde Le milieu du monde Le milieu du monde Le milieu du monde

Clip 3

Le milieu du monde Le milieu du monde Le milieu du monde Le milieu du monde

E il Casanova di Fellini? (Italy, 1975) (as Herself aged 29)

Irene, Irene (Peter Del Monte, Italy, 1975) (as Emilia aged 29)

Il Casanova di Federico Fellini (Federico Fellini, Italy, 1976) (as Isabella aged 30)

Dalla nube alla resistenza (Italy, 1979) (as Nefele aged 33)

Il était un musicien S00E00: Monsieur Rossini (Giovanni Fago, France, 1979) (aged 33)

La terrazza (Ettore Scola, Italy, 1980) (aged 34)

The Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (Bernardo Bertolucci, Italy, 1981) (as Chiromant aged 35)

Outside In (Stephen Dwoskin, UK, 1981) (aged 35)

Il minestrone (Sergio Citti, Italy, 1981) (as Becchina aged 35)

Seuls (Francis Reusser, Switzerland, 1981) (as Le travesti aged 35)

Clodia - Fragmenta (Franco Brocani, Italy, 1982) (as Clodia aged 36)

Tu mi turbi (Roberto Benigni, Italy, 1983) (as Angel aged 37)

Strada Pia (Georg Brintrup, West Germany, 1983) (as Didone aged 37)

Cinéma cinémas S00E00: 7 faux raccords (Raoul Ruiz, France, 1984) (as Herself aged 38)

Le monde désert (Pierre Beuchot, France, 1985) (as Baladine aged 39)

L'éveillé du pont de l'Alma (Raoul Ruiz, France, 1985) (as Violette aged 39)

Prima del futuro (Italy, 1985) (aged 39)

Rendez-vous (André Téchiné, France, 1985) (as Olimpia aged 39)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Tolérance (Pierre-Henry Salfati, France, 1989) (as Pauline aged 43)

Étoile (Peter Del Monte, Italy, 1989) (as Madam aged 43)

Série noire S00E00: Noces de plomb (Pierre Grimblat, France, 1991) (as Mlle Bourdon aged 45)

Alibi perfetto (Aldo Lado, Italy, 1992) (as Nurse Stiles aged 46)

Três Irmãos (Teresa Villaverde, Portugal, 1994) (as The Mother aged 48)

Cartoni animati (Italy, 1997) (aged 51)

Giro di lune tra terra e mare (Giuseppe M. Gaudino, Italy, 1997) (as La Sibilla aged 51)

Ombre (Cinzia Th. Torrini, Italy, 1999) (as Alba aged 53)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Il dolce rumore della vita (Giuseppe Bertolucci, Italy, 1999) (as Prostitute aged 53)

Animali che attraversano la strada (Isabella Sandri, Italy, 2000) (aged 54)

Vipera (Sergio Citti, Italy, 2000) (aged 54)

Medicina i misteri (Franco Brocani, Italy, 2002) (as La madre aged 56)

Bimba - È clonata una stella (Sabina Guzzanti, Italy, 2002) (as La Madonna aged 56)

Facing Window (Ferzan Ozpetek, Italy, 2003) (as Donna negozio stoffe aged 57)

Fellini's Circus (Adriano Aprà, Italy, 2011) (as Fellini s voice (voice) aged 65)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Olimpia - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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