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Allona Amor

Reviews and pictures of actress Allona Amor naked in "Kasibulan", "Bubot, kulang sa panahon" and "Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa".
Allona Amor

Country: Philippines

Popular sex comedy starlet with very elfin facial features, but with not quite such an elfin physique.

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# Bubot, kulang sa panahon (Jose 'Kaka' Balagtas, Philippines, 1997) (featuring Allona Amor as Bubot) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Tonton Gutierrez, Noreen Aguas, Ric Arellano, Tony Bagyo, Adonis Balagtas, William Romero, Tony Martinez, Danny Celis, Mon Confiado, Manny Cudia, Vic Felipe and Dick Israel

Allona Amor in Bubot, kulang sa panahon

Typical Philippine rural melodrama starring Allona as a young girl who goes straight from making mud pies on the beach to a job in the village pottery. She works alongside her more sexually precocious friend in only her vest and pants. Nice work if you can get it - or even just get to watch it.

Is it nothing more than a Victorian nightmare that rhythmically pulsing on a foot treadle to power a spinning or potter's wheel for long enough can stimulate a lady to sexual transports of delight? Unlikely on the face of it, and testing the theory on a spare young niece seems unethical. It works for Allona though, but then it's only fiction, and anyway she's a very passionate young girl.

Allona has fallen in love with a young man and today follows him down to the waterfall. The poor lad looks petrified: is this an 'Annie Attack'? Indeed it is, but there's no need to be nervous. Allona's just one of those rare nice girls who'll 'meet you half way' as the saying goes.

Tags: jungle, outdoor, seductress, undressing, waterfall


Bubot, kulang sa panahon Bubot, kulang sa panahon Bubot, kulang sa panahon Bubot, kulang sa panahon Bubot, kulang sa panahon

Kahit pader gigibain ko! (Joey Del Rosario, Philippines, 1998) (as Sister Stella)

Heto ako, lalaki (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 1999)

# Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 1999) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Aki Alavilla, Melanie Gomez, Fernando Montenegro and Diego Salvador

Allona Amor in Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa

Typical Philippine melodrama whose title translates as It Was Rainy, the Field Was Wet. Going by the first screencap you might add And I Guess it Was a Case of Mass Hysteria. Either that or a visiting drama masterclass from the Batley Townswomen's Guild. In reality young rural Filipina ladies spend little of their time up to their ears in buffalo dung, and are in fact practically addicted to habits of personal cleanliness. Without which Philippine films would be full of yawning longueurs with absolutely nothing happening at all.

Allona's mother has rigged up a hand-pumped shower bath for her right there in the paddy field. Handy if she has another dung fight, but today I think she's just been working hard. She doesn't omit a good 'rummage' in the usual place before getting dressed behind the wickerwork screen (with it's generously-sized peeping holes). The delicately pretty young girl is soon married off, judging by her hesitation in the marriage vows more to please her mother than anything else.

Allona's new husband is wealthy yet not conspicuously aged or repellent, and provides her with a fine home and (of course) bathroom, which she is not remiss in putting to good use. But hints of greasiness and not-quite-rightness about this man are confirmed when he starts shooting the servants.

Revenge! The couple are making love when the lights go out, so what does chappie do? Decide that darkness is more romantic and make a mental note to send for a man about it in the morning? Or head to the fuse box and see to it himself? Fuse box every time of course, and wifey can wait - he's the man of the house after all and must do what he must. Big mistake. When the murderer comes for Allona herself she dashes down the stairs and through the sitting room completely in the nude! But she's the lady of the house after all and can do what she wants modesty not withstanding. Besides, the only male left alive in the house is the one chasing her with the knife. Hide in the bathroom then, she's always felt safest in the bathroom...

Tags: bath, chased, dressing, fear, hiding, running, sex, tin-tub, washing, wet-clothes


Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa

Alipin ng tukso (Rico Tariman, Philippines, 2000) (as Selya)

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Bukas may ligaya (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 2000)

Naghuhumiyaw: Masahol pa sa hayop (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 2000) (as Belen)

# Kasibulan (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 2001) (featuring Allona Amor as Daisy) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Paolo Rivero, Diego Salvador and Venus Varga

Allona Amor in Kasibulan

Another charming Philippine rural melodrama in which Allona returns to strain the ablutions facilities of a nation. We join her as her father drags her out of bed one morning, with the unmistakable international hand gesture for make-my-breakfast-before-you-have-another-of-your-dratted-showers.

Breakfast duly made she heads for the shower, rinsing herself naked while a grizzled old man looks on through a peephole. I'm almost certain he has no right to be there. Allona has a boyfriend, but her father disapproves. When he interrupts them one evening he points accusingly at her bloodied discarded underwear. The shamefaced girl gets off lightly, ordered to visit the shower. As if she wasn't on her way there anyway.

That peeper is back. This shows one of the advantages of having the ladies' bathroom right in the middle of the village square: it keeps the criminal element out of mischief. This is a bold man ready to seize the initiative, and resourceful too, making the best use of equipment ready to hand. If spying on Allona's bottom wasn't keeping him occupied he'd be robbing banks.

After changing her top Allona - bit of an odd turn of events this - goes off to star in the movies. She plays a young woman sexually assaulted in a guerrilla war. Definitely leaving her feeling dirty enough to justify another shower.

The career change doesn't last long and Allona is soon back in the country with her young man, unable to find a showering facility so resorting to Plan B: put on a skimpy dress of thin white fabric and immerse oneself in a body of standing water. All Filipina girls have to do it sometimes.

Meanwhile the boyfriend activity has had its inevitable happy result and there is another mouth to feed. The men of the house tactfully make their excuses while Allona does so - thinking better of hanging about to offer 'advice', the usual tactic for putting a stop to such activity. Dad may be complaining there's a lot more noise in the house at night now, but the young couple still live happily ever after apparently, walking off into the sunset together - or waddling off heavily pregnant again in Allona's case.

Tags: interrupted, sex, shower, stripped, voyeur, wet-clothes


Kasibulan Kasibulan Kasibulan Kasibulan Kasibulan

Dudurugin ko pati buto mo (Jerry O. Tirazona, Philippines, 2001)

Uhaw sa init ng pagmamahal (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 2001)

Huli sa akto (Francis Posadas, Philippines, 2001)

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Malikot ang agos ng tubig (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 2001)

Rosario, 18 (Jett C. Espiritu, Philippines, 2001) (as Rosario)

Itlog (Francis Posadas, Philippines, 2002) (as Lea)

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Halik sa aking lupa (Jett C. Espiritu, Philippines, 2002) (as Leonora)

Gising na si Adan (Felix E. Dalay, Philippines, 2002)

Sapagkat kami ay tao lamang (Angelo De Guzman, Philippines, 2002) (as Alyssa)

Mapupulang rosas (Angelo De Guzman, Philippines, 2002)

Teteng baliw (Rudy Dominguez, Philippines, 2002) (as Carmela)

Virgin People III (Celso Ad. Castillo, Philippines, 2002) (as Aning)

Motel (Armando A. Reyes, Philippines, 2003)

Nena inosente (Angelito J. de Guzman, Philippines, 2003)

Tag-init (Neal 'Buboy' Tan, Philippines, 2004) (as Ellen)

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Hahamakin ang lahat: S01E52 Pagpapalayas (Don Michael Perez, 2017) (as Yaya)

Hahamakin ang lahat: S01E56 Nawawala si Thirdy (Don Michael Perez, 2017) (as Yaya)

Ika-6 na utos: S01E83 Rivalry (Laurice Guillen, 2017) (as Caterer)

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