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Yvette Yzon

A review and pictures of actress Yvette Yzon naked in "Anime perse".
Yvette Yzon

An actress of vaguely Filipino heritage who featured in a few memorable sleaze flicks, notably some late works by Bruno Mattei.


Baliktaran: Si Ace at si Daisy (Al Tantay, Philippines, 2001)

Hustler (Joel Apuyan, Philippines, 2002)

Mga babae sa VIP rooms (Lorenzo Cruz, Philippines, 2003)

Ligaya... katumbas ng buhay (Baldo Marro, Philippines, 2003)

Segreti di donna (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 2005) (as Jane Dimao)

Un brivido sulla pelle (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 2005) (as Striptease dancer)

Segreti di donna 2 (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 2005) (as Jane Dimao)

# Anime perse (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 2010) (featuring Yvette Yzon as Jennifer) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Dyane Craystan, Amelie Pontailler, Jim Gaines, Love Gutierrez, Joana Lee, Cristina Castro, Xeah Atillano, David Brass, Mike Monty, Bobby Benitez, Jenny Agwilla and Vanessa Bolabas

Yvette Yzon in Anime perse

Judging by this ultra-gritty WiP-flick, for the legendary sleaze merchant Bruno Mattei the clock stopped in 1979. Who else could make such an insanely obnoxious pile of trash in the 21st century and still have his heart in it? It has all the classic ingredients done to extremes: the brutal prison regime, the brothel run as a sideline, and the escape sequence, here extended into a variation on Cannibal Holocaust.

Here is a long shower scene, where a lot of soap is used. And it is certainly needed. Yvette is the girl first seen standing in the background by the oil drum over to the left. By the way I've got to admit to a soft spot for that rather snooty prisoner who ponces in looking around for trouble. And not just because I've a suspicion that if I had to use a women's communal shower myself I'd walk around with my chest shyly covered with a towel as well. She just seems as if she'd have made a really first-class prefect at one of the top girls' boarding schools, and that can never be a bad thing to say about a lass.

Tags: group, prisoner, shower, soapsuds, washing


Anime perse Anime perse Anime perse Anime perse

Zombi: La creazione (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 2007) (as Dr Sharon Dimao)

L'isola dei morti viventi (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 2007) (as Sharon)

My Lai Four (Paolo Bertola, Italy, 2010) (as Thi Le)

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