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Suzan Cameron

A review and pictures of actress Suzan Cameron naked in "Anti-Clock".
Suzan Cameron

Country: United Kingdom

This handsome brunette with an athletically slim physique was an occasional TV bit-part player and even more occasional avant-garde film actress.


Father Dear Father S06E01: Cardboard Cassonova (William G. Stewart, 1972) (as Secretary)

Doctor in Charge S01E16: The System (1972) (as Girl Student)

Ooh La La! S03E01: Keep an Eye on Amélie (Douglas Argent, 1973) (as Charlotte)

Ooh La La! S03E07: Kept on a String (1973) (as Viviane)

Shoulder to Shoulder S01E03: Lady Constance Lytton (Waris Hussein, 1974) (as Jessie Kenney)

Shoulder to Shoulder S01E02: Annie Kenney (Waris Hussein, 1974) (as Jessie Kenney)

Perils of Pendragon S01E06: A Touch of the Tangled Webs (Michael Ferguson, 1974) (as Tansy Merriweather)

Within These Walls S03E10: Getting Out (Bill Bain, 1975) (as Ellen Armitage)

Within These Walls S03E04: Babyface (Malcolm Taylor, 1975) (as Ellen Armitage)

Within These Walls S03E01: To Reason Why (Philip Casson, 1975) (as Ellen Armitage)

Within These Walls S03E16: On the Second Day of Christmas (Christopher Hodson, 1975) (as Ellen Armitage)

Within These Walls S02E10: Skivers (Bryan Izzard, 1975) (as Ellen Armitage)

Within These Walls S04E17: Silent Night (Philip Casson, 1976) (as Ellen Armitage)

Feelings (Gerry O'Hara, UK, 1976)

Graham's Gang S01E04: Kidnap (Marilyn Fox, 1977)

# Anti-Clock (Jane Arden, UK, 1980) (featuring Suzan Cameron as Alanda Clark) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Sebastian Saville, Liz Saville, Louise Temple, Robert Armstrong, Pat Bond, Joe Chappell, Chan Fai, Gia-Fu Feng, Richard Feynman, Tom Gerrard, Jasper Gough and Brian Jones

Suzan Cameron in Anti-Clock

This avant-garde film and video work, a heap of sci-fi / psycho-analytical hooey, was co-directed by Jane Arden, one of the masochist-exhibitionist breed of feminists (cf. Chantal Akerman) who treated cinema as a medium for sexual fantasies of public nudity and self-degradation. Right up my street, though this particular one isn't very good.

Suzan is the protagonist's girlfriend. She's the well-spoken, sensibly (even drably) attired junior barrister type. This self-searching compilation begins with a routine 'questionaire' scene. Notice the low-budget special video effects in the background; everything seems to have been made on a VCR kicked so the tracking is out of whack, or Ceefax after the aerial came loose in a gale. Moving swiftly on we see Suzan in the shower, the framing knowingly emphasising the only parts of the picture anyone is going to want to see (or more to the point, remember seeing). Her body is in great shape, and she's one of those practically-minded women who uses her pubic hair as a handy lathering area. Splendidly copious though it may be, it was only about par for the course for the time, showing how much we have lost in the intervening third of a century.

The next scene is rather frank: Suzan splay-legged in a chair masturbating inside her undies. The hero is compelled to watch, but only after turning his eyes away from the floor rather glumly, looking remarkably like Brian May trying to think of something polite to say about the ballet shoes Freddie wants to wear for the next live tour.

Unedifying as that spectacle may have been, I think in terms of psychological regression and emotional unravelling we're finally getting somewhere. The following split-screen sequence features the hero as a boy, and (also played by Suzan) his mother. At Brighton beach. (The nudist section.) Remembered on the day of his father's funeral. I told you we were getting somewhere.

Tags: full-frontal, masturbation, shower, soapsuds, washing


Anti-Clock Anti-Clock Anti-Clock Anti-Clock Anti-Clock

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