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Joyce Laine

Reviews and pictures of actress Joyce Laine naked in "A Noite das Taras I" and "Palácio de Vênus".
Joyce Laine

Country: Brazil

A slim, pretty and girlishly cheeky brunette babe with regrettably only a handful of pornochanchada roles.


# Palácio de Vênus (Ody Fraga, Brazil, 1980) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Zélia Diniz, Fátima Fonseca, Elizabeth Hartmann, Matilde Mastrangi, Helena Ramos, Neide Ribeiro, Arlindo Barreto, Sérgio Boldrin, Wilson Bonifácio, Lola Brah, Eudes Carvalho and Jaime Cortez

Joyce Laine in Palácio de Vênus

Joyce plays the youngest girl on the books of a tropical Brazilian cathouse. When a gruff middle-aged 'daddy'-type client turns up asking about school uniforms she probably reckons she's just in for a spanking or something, but applies plenty of vaginal deodorant just in case.

This actor by the way is Roque Rodrigues, typecast as the sort of comic villain whose heists and scams are forever going horribly wrong. But it's when his schemes go precisely according to plan you really need to watch out. Like here, where he has arranged for our Joyce to urinate on his face. Ick. But is her aim good enough to get all of it in his mouth? Watch and see.

Tags: bottomless, brothel, full-frontal, housework, peeing, petting, prostitute, undressing


Palácio de Vênus Palácio de Vênus Palácio de Vênus Palácio de Vênus Palácio de Vênus

O Doador Sexual (Henrique Borges, Brazil, 1980)

# A Noite das Taras I (David Cardoso, Brazil, 1980) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Matilde Mastrangi, Patrícia Scalvi, Arlindo Barreto, Pericles Campos, Wilson Júnior, Selma Martins, Marthus Mathias, Roque Rodrigues, Arthur Roveder, Célia Santos, Kátia Spencer and Vandi Zachias

Joyce Laine in A Noite das Taras I

Another planning disaster from Roque 'the only thing I could organise is my own funeral' Rodrigues is the highlight of this short piece directed by the inimitable Ody Fraga. He's already tricked himself into paying for dinner for no fewer than five impoverished and hungry young women, and now he believes he is about to get something in return. And he does, all to a funky pop rendition of Ode to Joy. You see, they might have bodies to die for, but for this class of girl give and take tends to be a one way street. Does this count as a wish-fulfillment fantasy? I'm not quite sure.

Tags: full-frontal, group, seductress, sex


A Noite das Taras I A Noite das Taras I A Noite das Taras I A Noite das Taras I A Noite das Taras I

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