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Andrea Albani
13 November 2019
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11 November 2019
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8 November 2019
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Aya Medel
7 November 2019
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Raquel Evans
6 November 2019
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The nude clips are mostly taken from versions of films found in various places on the internet. Often the image quality is poor, but that's not the point. Seeing actresses, favourites and unknowns, unclothed in unusual and amusing situations is what this site is all about.

Updated 13 November 2019    Andrea Albani

Esas chicas tan pu... (Ignacio F. Iquino, Spain, 1982) (featuring Andrea Albani as Sol aged 22) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Diana Conca, Emma Quer, Jaime Bascu, Silvia Solar, Conrado Tortosa 'Pipper', Olga Rodríguez, Juan Zanni, Amparo Moreno, Mir Ferry, Josep Lluís Fonoll, Miguel Avilés and Rafael Tormo

Andrea Albani in Esas chicas tan pu...

More of the usual well-polished if unimaginative stuff from Iquino following Spanish girls adrift in a milieu of lesbian photographers and casual prostitution. Old chum Emma Quer turns up on Andrea's doorstep to ask her out on a lunch date followed by a back-to-her-place. Emma is the more mature and sophisticated of the girls. You can tell by the way she has her own car, and how when she needs something to wear she looks in the wardrobe first rather then scrabbling under the bed.

Yes Andrea is something of the sulky teenager type. When Emma starts dancing around without her pants on I'm sure I detected a sarky smile from the girl just short of actual eye-rolling. But not surprisingly she takes the path of least resistance and is soon being gently snogged on the sofa with her own knickers slipped expertly from around her ankles. Naked in bed she seems barely awake, but takes her turn at that simplest but loveliest of sex positions, the 'lesbian missionary'. And there's nothing like being woken in the morning by being dragged from under the sheets by a new girlfriend with your pyjamas flapping wide open. (It's embarrassing when you've turned nineteen and your mum's still doing it.)

The second clip hints at how Andrea opted for the lesbian lifestyle. Her slob of a boyfriend is completely unresponsive to even the most unequivocal methods of seduction. After working on him for much longer than strict courtesy demands she ends up slitching herself on the couch.

Finally there's more amused tolerance from gum-chewing Andrea when she prostitutes herself to a balding and bespectacled gentleman who is fascinated by her arm cast (she broke it catfighting in a dyke club - and I wish she wouldn't (the gum-chewing I mean)). She gives the chap a helpful tap on the pate when his glasses fall off and he's no longer getting value for money.

Tags: bandage, dressing, full-frontal, horseplay, lesbian, masturbation, oral, petting, seductress, sex, undressed

Clip 1

Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu...

Clip 2

Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu...

Clip 3

Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu...

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Updated 11 November 2019    Stella Strada

Kirot (Arsenio Bautista, Philippines, 1983) (featuring Stella Strada as Rosa aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Dennis Roldan, Edgar Mande, Raul Aragon, Perla Bautista, Joonee Gamboa, Dexter Doria, Chona Castillo, Carlos De Leon, Rusty Santos, Ruben Rustia and Amay Bisaya

Stella Strada in Kirot

Typical Philippine melodrama about families trying to scratch a living in a rural backwater. Stella's day, like any normal teenager's, begins with a good old stretch and a visit to the lavatory, preceded of course by the ritual bollocking from her mother.

All that will change soon as she's due to be married (to the usual much older man) and will be moving to live in a marginally less ramshackle dwelling. Meanwhile there are still rows on the river to be enjoyed in the company of her favourite altar boy. It's on one of those trips Stella first senses a pleasure till then missing from her life. She's spotted her brother-in-law snogging some bint in a neighbouring boat. Suddenly quiet outings on the river seem like something she should by now have outgrown. Responding to a deep feminine instinct she casts herself into the water in the sure and certain hope of rescue. The boy and girl change their clothes afterwards as if they were brother and sister, though a tentative naked hug hints at deeper passions.

Once Stella has discovered the infallible way to attract male attention (for better or worse) there's no stopping her as she Annies her husband into an early grave (cf. Bakat). No one is safe as she centres herself in a maelstrom of sexual exhibitionism. Fights break out all around her. The in-laws even have to be trained in combat by the Batley townswomen's guild. Either this girl leaves town or someone's going to have to shoot her...

Tags: domestic, flashing, outdoor, peeing, petting, public, shower, undressing, voyeur, wet-clothes


Kirot Kirot Kirot Kirot Kirot

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Updated 8 November 2019    Eva Lyberten

Borrasca (Miguel Ángel Rivas, Spain, 1978) (featuring Eva Lyberten as Chica de los baños aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Verónica Miriel, Silvia Aguilar, Marta Angelat, María Luisa San José, Eva Robin, Manuel Sierra, Antonio Ferrandis, Héctor Alterio, Teresa Gimpera, Ricardo Merino, Juan Jesús Valverde and José Lifante

Eva Lyberten in Borrasca

This 'thirties set Spanish drama features a cameo from Eva in a scene about as relevant as if a stag film had been spliced in. Hiding under a dark wig she leads a trio of chambermaids in playful bathroom activities which are almost certainly outside their job descriptions. Everyone had plenty of good clean fun by the looks of it.

Tags: bath, chambermaid, full-frontal, horseplay, soapsuds, threesome, undressing


Borrasca Borrasca Borrasca Borrasca Borrasca

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Updated 7 November 2019    Aya Medel

Molata (Francis Posadas, Philippines, 1999) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Nick Alladin, Jessie Delgado, Allen Dizon, Maria Isabel Lopez, Aira Luna, Pia Paula and Johnny Vicar

Aya Medel in Molata

Aya stars in this Philippine revenge shocker as a young woman who witnessed her family being raped and murdered by illegal logging gangs as a child. Plenty of deals and issues to work through then, which is perhaps why we rejoin her being transported in a prison van, which she escapes at the last minute when it crashes and explodes because the driver was distracted by the guard having it off with a hitcher he picked up.

All of which marks Aya out as a bold and resourceful woman, though seeing as the situation has only left her to wander a vast quarry populated by hardly a soul except rape gangs and their screaming victims she's no doubt still feeling a little hung out to dry. At last she lets rip at one of the rape gangs with a big stick. A nice stick by the way; it looks like the thigh bone of an ox. She chose that thing with care.

The grateful maiden rescued by Aya takes her back to her native village and demurely presents her with an outfit of traditional clothing which I can only conclude must be a 'rape avenger' costume. Big mistake. The gear comes complete with a machete, a shield, and even a spear. And Aya knows how to use the stuff too; when she chucks that spear at people it goes right through! Which wouldn't be such a problem if the girl didn't take her role a little too seriously and begin to exceed her authority.

Back at the quarry (a place you'd think she'd seen enough of by now to want to avoid) Aya approaches an honest workman. All he sees is a pretty girl in traditional dress of a modest cut, with a friendly manner and a shy smile. But one romantic tryst up against the wheel of his bulldozer later she's hacking him to death with a machete! And then it's back to the jungle to give thanks beneath the sacred waterfall to the goddess of sexual vengeance she's dedicated her life to serving. And so the mountains echo once again to her naked and bloodthirsty shrieks.

Tags: full-frontal, jungle, outdoor, ritual, seductress, sex, violator, waterfall, weapon


Molata Molata Molata Molata Molata

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Updated 6 November 2019    Raquel Evans

Las verdes vacaciones de una familia bien (Mario Siciliano, Spain, 1980) (featuring Raquel Evans as Ruth aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Eva Lyberten, Berta Cabré, Karin Well, George Ardisson, Bárbara Ben, Antonio Campa, Pep Corominas, Alfonso del Real, Jennifer James, Guia Lauri Filzi, Ventura Oller and Bernard Seray

Raquel Evans in Las verdes vacaciones de una familia bien

Tacky soft porn in which Raquel plays the lady of a house whose occupants are too busy with sexual exhibitionism and nymphomania to walk their poor neglected dog. We open with Raquel on the phone doing a jolly little dance in her skimpy robe. It keeps her happy even if any casual onlooker might suspect she didn't understand how the apparatus worked.

Moving on, Raquel scampers around the garden naked, picking up house guest Karin Well along the way. Just as we're thinking she's found a more wholesome way to get some air to it she lowers the tone again by setting up a 'threesome' under the guise of relaxing with her girl chum in the shade of the cherry tree. Said threesome is over before it's hardly even started when Karin stalks out. 'I hold you partially responsible for this' Raquel is scolded by one more sad-faced puppy not going to get his walkies.

Tags: dancing, flashing, full-frontal, garden, lesbian, outdoor, phone, running, see-thru, threesome


Las verdes vacaciones de una familia bien Las verdes vacaciones de una familia bien Las verdes vacaciones de una familia bien Las verdes vacaciones de una familia bien Las verdes vacaciones de una familia bien

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Updated 5 November 2019    María Luisa San José

Borrasca (Miguel Ángel Rivas, Spain, 1978) (featuring María Luisa San José as Lidia aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Verónica Miriel, Silvia Aguilar, Marta Angelat, Eva Lyberten, Eva Robin, Manuel Sierra, Antonio Ferrandis, Héctor Alterio, Teresa Gimpera, Ricardo Merino, Juan Jesús Valverde and José Lifante

María Luisa San José in Borrasca

Typical post-Franco drama about a feud in a small Spanish town. The rape of Maria evidently figures at the back of things somewhere. Today she is engaged to be married to her handsome young man of long standing, or perhaps even is married in an exceptionally low-key ceremony. Whichever way, a markedly gloomy consummation follows, one of those very Spanish 'deceased parents' bed' things. There is no obvious fiasco but from subtle clues in the body language it seems not all the ghosts have been exorcised yet.

Tags: full-frontal, rape, sex


Borrasca Borrasca Borrasca Borrasca Borrasca

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Updated 4 November 2019    Diana Zubiri

Bakat (Francis Posadas, Philippines, 2002) (featuring Diana Zubiri as Annie aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Rodel Velayo, Tommy Abuel, Rita Avila, Ana Capri, Daria Ramirez, Edwin Reyes, Mon Confiado, Olga Natividad, J.V. Baclig, Shane Caballes, Clem Fernandez and Enrico Villa

Diana Zubiri in Bakat

It's a sure sign of ructions to come when a young woman's entry to a household is greeted by a massive double-take from the household's youngest son. Such is the case with this Philippine melodrama. 'Excuse me, I'm Annie', Diana purrs, and indeed she is. A ravishing dusky and innocent beauty, she is unfortunately on the simple-minded side, and on bad days one 'woof' short of barking mad. Say hello to your new stepmother.

After a handful of sultry semi-naked domestic outrages (of the sort inspired by chocolate bar commercials) one day Annie decides to go for the 'big one'. I must say they're very well prepared for such emergencies round those parts. There must be some sort of siren that goes off whenever someone's young niece dashes from the house in a skimpy white dress. Every able-bodied male gives chase while those in the vicinity of inviting stretches of open water evacuate the area immediately.

So Annie wades into the warm pool by the waterfall unopposed, peeling off her dress in slow-motion and luxuriating in the water splashes in time-honoured fashion. Those young bloods from the village can do nothing more helpful than stand and point, until Annie's family arrive to soothingly cover her nakedness and usher her away.

Back home Annie is patiently rinsed down and dried in the bathtub by her new husband, who is by now questioning the wisdom of his life choices though the actual heart attack won't come until later. What of the callow young man? In the circumstances I think he did a good job of mellowing youthful prurience with a suitably fraternal concern for the poor young girl's welfare. Or at least of faking it when people's backs weren't turned.

Tags: bath, domestic, flashing, full-frontal, mental-handicap, outdoor, public, see-thru, skinny-dip, undressing, waterfall


Bakat Bakat Bakat Bakat Bakat

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Updated 1 November 2019    Cristina Galbó

Hasta que el matrimonio nos separe (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1977) (featuring Cristina Galbó as Mariuca aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with María Luisa San José, Sandra Mozarowsky, José Sacristán, Roxanne Bach, Juan Luis Galiardo, Mary Carrillo, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Silvia Tortosa, Antonio Casas, Mónica Randall, Helga Liné and Manuel Zarzo

Cristina Galbó in Hasta que el matrimonio nos separe

Spanish comedy about a divorced man wishing to re-marry on account of getting some random blonde who looks good in a bikini up the duff. The humour derives from our hero being half downtrodden victim of a matriarchal society, and half walking scandal. The blonde is left by the wayside as he takes up with his dazzling physiotherapist after an accident.

And then the dazzling nurse is out-dazzled by none other than chummy's own sister Cristina when he happens to glimpse her out walking with another man. There's nothing like a spot of jealousy to make you aware of who's closest to your own heart is there? And she's not just a picture of loveliness either; she's a shining example of the best in manners and decorum. Observe a textbook example of how a good sister should behave after being walked in on in only her skimpy knickers by an idiot older sibling.

Tags: bashful, domestic, dressing


Hasta que el matrimonio nos separe Hasta que el matrimonio nos separe Hasta que el matrimonio nos separe Hasta que el matrimonio nos separe Hasta que el matrimonio nos separe

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Updated 31 October 2019    Sofia Valdez

Talong (Mauro Gia Samonte, Philippines, 1999) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Nini Jacinto, Leonardo Litton, Emmanuel H. Borlaza, JC Castro, Anita Linda, Beverly Salviejo, Dang Cruz, Ben Sagmit, Josie Galvez, Jojo Lapus, Arthur Cassanova and Diana Perez

Sofia Valdez in Talong

Sofia appears in a vignette from this accomplished Philippine comedy. She's some young chap's visiting cousin (or something) and thus features heavily in his fantasies of sexual frustration stoked by little artist pest Nini Jacinto. The vegetable field escapade is echoed by Nini later on (are the girls switched part way through? Weird, but it seems to really be Sofia in the nude scenes). Bonking in the river is ill-advised with Nini in the area though - if she was to see them she'd tell them to hold it while she fetched her paints and easel.

Tags: food, outdoor, sex, skinny-dip


Talong Talong Talong Talong Talong

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Updated 30 October 2019    Eva Lyberten

Neumonía erótica y pasota (Jaime Bayarri, Spain, 1981) (featuring Eva Lyberten as Cristina aged 23) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Andrea Albani, Joaquín Gómez, Pep Corominas, Víctor Israel, Bárbara Ben, José Gras, Maite Llenas, Emy Matías, Jorge Termes, Miguel Cusí, Marta Flores and Julia Caballero

Eva Lyberten in Neumonía erótica y pasota

Lightweight Spanish comedy in which Eva adopts the frizzy hair, massive round specs, and bouncily endearing persona of the very lovely Su Pollard. Good news then; anyone intending to be humorously amusing could do a lot worse than channelling the popular 'eighties chalet maid. Which isn't to say the film is a success, because remarkably enough it isn't.

The first clip establishes Eva as a sort of budding Flake girl, then through some horribly disconnected series of events she is evicted from a beach tent while having it off naked in there, presumably by the tent's rightful owner. The resultant fear, anger and distress causes her to turn into great big pink 'Hulk Lady' - presumably representing Miss Cathcart. But we cut the scene early because it doesn't work nearly as well as it might.

Later Eva (for poorly established reasons) turns into Hulk Lady again while making love, and we do actually get to see the luridly vengeful abomination (Emy Matías) this time. But all is quickly forgotten as events are revealed to be just one of Eva's fevered dreams. Was is supposed to be something about the olive oil? I simply do not know.

Tags: beach, glasses, interrupted, posing, see-thru, sex, shower, sunbathing, undressing

Clip 1

Neumonía erótica y pasota Neumonía erótica y pasota Neumonía erótica y pasota Neumonía erótica y pasota Neumonía erótica y pasota

Clip 2

Neumonía erótica y pasota Neumonía erótica y pasota Neumonía erótica y pasota Neumonía erótica y pasota Neumonía erótica y pasota

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