Valerie Chmelová
Valerie Chmelová
23 October 2020
Lilian Lemmertz
Lilian Lemmertz
21 October 2020
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Magda Vásáryová
19 October 2020
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Kate Hansen
16 October 2020
Miluse Splechtová
Miluse Splechtová
15 October 2020
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Welcome to a database of celebrity nude and sexy scenes. Here you will find many clips you have never seen before. Mostly they are taken from films of thirty years ago or more, when nude scenes in films and TV were guilt-free and plentiful. The criteria for inclusion are personal and hence extremely vague. As a guide, those clips that stand out as original or funny are favoured. This means you are more likely to find obscure actresses from unfashionable countries such as Brazil or East Germany here rather than famous Hollywood stars.

The nude clips are mostly taken from versions of films found in various places on the internet. Often the image quality is poor, but that's not the point. Seeing actresses, favourites and unknowns, unclothed in unusual and amusing situations is what this site is all about.

Updated 23 October 2020    Valerie Chmelová

Takze ahoj (Vít Olmer, Czechoslovakia, 1971) (featuring Valerie Chmelová as Student Veronika aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Antonín Sládek, Jaroslava Brousková, Jana Synková, Marta Vancurová, Karol Sidon, Milos Vávra, Jaromír Borek, Tomás Sedlácek, Josef Dvorák, Miroslav Svoboda, Katerina Sidonová and Jaroslav Satoranský

Valerie Chmelová in Takze ahoj

A late entry in the Czech New Wave, or perhaps just a light pastiche of that style. Valerie plays a modern young girl who can't quite choose from her string of lovers. It's only in black-and-white, the girl is a little plain, and you don't really see very much, but it's still nice to share a few of her intimate moments as she prats around in her nothings. Though you never can tell with this bunch. If a man from any other country put a bra on his head you'd conclude he was trying a little too hard to amuse. In this land of loonies it could mean anything from a fashion statement to a clinical udder fixation.

Tags: black-and-white, petting, smoking


Takze ahoj Takze ahoj Takze ahoj Takze ahoj Takze ahoj

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Updated 21 October 2020    Lilian Lemmertz

As Deusas (Walter Hugo Khouri, Brazil, 1972) (featuring Lilian Lemmertz as Angela aged 35) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Kate Hansen and Mário Benvenutti

Lilian Lemmertz in As Deusas

Lilian plays a woman with mental problems in this distinguished offering from Khouri. The isolated country house in which she is staying belongs to her therapist Kate Hansen. Though you wouldn't guess it, partly because Lilian's demeanour makes her look like she owns any given property in which she is placed, partly because Kate is just so fresh-eyed and young for her supposed profession.

I prefer to think the lady of the house has hired a young governess to take out her mixed-up sapphic fantasies upon. A bit 19th century maybe, but it suits the way Lilian manages to plunge naked into the bath in front of the girl before she even gets her coat off. As for her increasingly mysterious inability to produce any children to be educated: well Kate obviously thinks she's landed in another one of those 'ghost story' type things.

The threesomes start eventually (for there is a man of the house). The first of these begins with a quiet evening of drinks and conversation, but ends in such evident shame and regret from the two ladies I reckon buggery was heavily involved. It's hard to tell whose nipple belongs to whom in these incredibly tasteful scenes, but that's sort of the point of threesomes, and they're not held for the benefit of 'fourth parties' anyway.

Tags: bath, domestic, sex, threesome

Clip 1

As Deusas As Deusas As Deusas As Deusas As Deusas

Clip 2

As Deusas As Deusas As Deusas As Deusas As Deusas

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Updated 19 October 2020    Magda Vásáryová

Pusty dvor (Martin Tapák, Czechoslovakia, 1978) (featuring Magda Vásáryová as Kristina aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Michal Docolomanský, Ivan Krajícek, Eliska Nosálová, Judita Vargová and Július Vasek

Magda Vásáryová in Pusty dvor

Attractive piece of bucolia about people splashing water on each other in pre-war Czechoslovakia. Granted one or two other topics get a look in (such as social unrest), but you had to include stuff like that to get past the Commie commissioning editors back then.

One thing a young man should never start with a young woman is a water fight. The chap here is relying on his superior mechanical understanding to get an edge, that and the fact he and Magda recently eloped together and she's still half playing to lose. But inevitably she'll wear him down with experience and sheer commitment.

Magda is on the run because her mum won't let her take part in the strange pagan fire ceremonies they have back in her village. She has to stay in her room and settle for lighting far too many candles (which is possibly what got her 'grounded' in the first place). But as she lies in bed a thrilling idea occurs to the girl: can you have a pagan ritual all on your own? With your slip down around your waist?! Out in the barn, and without being seen??

Tags: barn, horseplay, ritual, see-thru, undressing, voyeur, wet-clothes


Pusty dvor Pusty dvor Pusty dvor Pusty dvor Pusty dvor

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Updated 16 October 2020    Kate Hansen

As Deusas (Walter Hugo Khouri, Brazil, 1972) (featuring Kate Hansen as Dr. Ana aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Lilian Lemmertz and Mário Benvenutti

Kate Hansen in As Deusas

A typical hymn to feminine beauty and mystique from Walter Hugo Khouri, as photographed by Antonio Meliande.

Troubled well-to-do Brazilian matron Lilian Lemmertz is seeing a therapist, Kate. Indeed she's staying at her fine house in the country. Though perhaps when she's younger, blonder, and altogether more of a picture of loveliness than she is, a woman's got to wonder whether her head doctor is the biggest part of her problems.

It's probably better for the older woman to just bow to the inevitable and give in right away to the threesomes and sapphic affection. But how to break the ice with a girl without going through all that embarrassing sofa-patting rigmarole? Kate isn't a therapist for nothing, and they have a river practically in the back garden all to themselves don't they? The two women enjoy a classic skinny-dipping expedition.

Tags: full-frontal, outdoor, skinny-dip, swimming, two-women


As Deusas As Deusas As Deusas As Deusas As Deusas

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Updated 15 October 2020    Miluse Splechtová

Ta chvíle, ten okamzik (Jirí Sequens, Czechoslovakia, 1981) (featuring Miluse Splechtová as sestra Vlasta aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Frantisek Nemec, Daniela Kolárová, Ludek Munzar, Ladislav Frej, Rudolf Jelínek, Evgeniy Zharikov, Vilém Besser, Petr Svojtka, Libuse Geprtová, Jirí Strnad, Josef Vinklár and Jaroslav Drbohlav

Miluse Splechtová in Ta chvíle, ten okamzik

Noirish drama set during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia - that last futile attempt to bring some sort of order to a benighted land. Our hero, a doctor, and still sane (a real fish out of water), needs to check some X-rays out of hours. But what should he find in his theatre but his junior and Nurse Miluse having it off on the operating table! He mutters a curt 'don't let this happen again', or something else suitable to a busy man needing to get on with his work. But of course it does happen again, not in exactly the same place granted, but still within the same ninety minutes.

Tags: bashful, dressing, interrupted, nurse, office, sex


Ta chvíle, ten okamzik Ta chvíle, ten okamzik Ta chvíle, ten okamzik Ta chvíle, ten okamzik Ta chvíle, ten okamzik

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Updated 14 October 2020    Marina Kuschel

Die Julia von nebenan (Rainer Bär, East Germany, 1977) (featuring Marina Kuschel as Helga aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Marina Krogull, Juraj Durdiak, Annegret Siegmund, Werner Tietze, Annekathrin Bürger, Günter Wolf, Harald Halgardt, Egon Geißler, Luise Lunow, Swetlana Schönfeld, Erich Haußmann and Michael Pan

Marina Kuschel in Die Julia von nebenan

Elegant telly-drama about the trials of being a callow youth trying to bring a pretty girl home with you for the first time. That's on top of the trials from the standard dysfunctional family and shabby tenement flat. A Frenchman might have one of those notoriously nosy concierges to deal with, but in East Germany you get a neighbour like Marina. The slightest hint of a knock at the door and she's insinuating herself across the hallway and attempting to make herself a permanent fixture upon your sofa. Politely explaining you already have a girlfriend and anyway would rather be alone can become a bit of a drag. In the workers' paradise she probably came with the lease.

One evening Marina seizes her chance. Young chappy, unlucky in love, staggers back to the flat drunk and alone, vomiting himself to sleep. Marina peels off her tee-shirt and pounces. Which is of course just fine, but only up until the moment his real girlfriend (Marina Krogull) arrives. But don't worry they make it up in the end, jumping naked together into the municipal baths in that wholesome East German fashion.

Tags: dressing, interrupted, seductress, sex, undressing


Die Julia von nebenan Die Julia von nebenan Die Julia von nebenan Die Julia von nebenan Die Julia von nebenan

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Updated 12 October 2020    Norma Bengell

Paranóia (Antônio Calmon, Brazil, 1976) (featuring Norma Bengell as Sílvia Riccelli aged 41) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ana Maria Magalhães, Lucélia Santos, Kleber Afonso, Rubens Araújo, Bruno Barroso, Neusa Borges, Haroldo Botta, João Carlos, Anselmo Duarte, Rofran Fernandes, João Gregório and Nuno Leal Maia

Norma Bengell in Paranóia

Another mid 'seventies Brazilian home invasion flick, this is a much more stylish piece of sociopathy and nihilism than Na Violência do Sexo. Norma, stressed out enough already with bad dreams, as mistress of the house can expect to get the worst of things, though the gang are mainly interested in her husband's money. He's the stodgy one in the suit with glasses by the way. The scrawny one in the suit who looks like Peter Stringfellow staggering home at 5am is chief of the thugs. It's one of those things where it's all about discovering how people's lives are more complex than they strictly need to be, so it's worth pointing that out.

Tags: mirror, molested, poolside, scarred, sex


Paranóia Paranóia Paranóia Paranóia Paranóia

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Updated 9 October 2020    Françoise Perrot

Depravación (Isabel Mulá, Spain, 1982) (featuring Françoise Perrot as Miriam) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Concha Valero, Patricia Cauzard, José Gras, Jaime Bascu, Jordi Batalla and Jean Paul Perrier

Françoise Perrot in Depravación

Françoise cuts an impressive figure as the mistress of the would-be country squire at the centre of this Spanish sleaze piece. I've got to say she's not quite my type; perhaps a little too overwhelming. Though she still strikes me as a handy person to have about the house. If you needed all the guttering replaced for instance.

Or maybe she'd do as an 'older sister' type. It's a nice little fantasy: imagine sharing a bath night, then curling up on the sofa to enjoy some private jokes while playfully burning her exposed frontage with your cigarette. Chummy breaks the first rule of sibling etiquette though: always get out of her bedroom when sis wants to put her black stockings on (she shouldn't even have to ask).

Later our hero (whom you'll have entirely gone off by this point) and his head groom are discussing what a fine figure Françoise cuts on the back of a horse. Plainly she needs to be brought down a peg, taught a lesson etc., and what better way than to follow her back to the stables and rape her on top of the hay bales? Controversial maybe, but it's two against one, and she's going to find it awkward to explain the circumstances in any subsequent police investigation.

Tags: animal, disrobing, dressing, full-frontal, horseback, lingerie, outdoor, petting, rape, stables

Clip 1

Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación

Clip 2

Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación

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Updated 8 October 2020    Viola Schweizer

Hochhausgeschichten: S01E03 Das Gartenfest (Hans Knötzsch, 1981) (featuring Viola Schweizer as Patricia Schmidt aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Dorit Gäbler, Horst Schulze, Jürgen Trott, Carl-Hermann Risse, Gert Hänsch, Hans-Joachim Leschnitz, Klaus-Peter Pleßow, Lutz Riemann, Achim Petry, Sonja Hörbing, Günter Ott and Hilde Kneip

Viola Schweizer in Hochhausgeschichten: S01E03  Das Gartenfest

Soapish East German telly drama set like so many others of its era on a building site. Possibly in the interests of viewer identification. It helped a young brickie keep up with the fashions. Could he wear that old donkey jacket again, or is it just too 'last year'?

Anyway, our fresh-faced hero is today doing a job as a favour for the boss, building a patio stroke arbour type thing for a party the old guy's planning in his spacious garden. Our lad'll be checking out a big pile of bricks in a minute, but for now the immediate distraction is the boss's still tolerably young and shapely daughter. Who has just slipped out of her bathrobe and plunged naked into the garden pool.

An embarrassing situation if you've had a sheltered upbringing. Play this wrong and it could mess up our chap's career prospects for a long time to come. Especially if the young lady happened to take a shine to him...

Tags: disrobing, father, full-frontal, garden, horseplay, interrupted, outdoor, poolside, skinny-dip, swimming


Hochhausgeschichten: S01E03  Das Gartenfest Hochhausgeschichten: S01E03  Das Gartenfest Hochhausgeschichten: S01E03  Das Gartenfest Hochhausgeschichten: S01E03  Das Gartenfest Hochhausgeschichten: S01E03  Das Gartenfest

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Updated 7 October 2020    Novani Novakoski

Na Violência do Sexo (Antonio Bonacin Thome, Brazil, 1978) (featuring Novani Novakoski as Marta aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Andrea Camargo, Edgard Franco, Ewerton de Castro, Clayton Silva, Pedro Cassador, Genésio de Carvalho, Noêmia Lemes, Waldir Siebert, David Húngaro, Eraldo Barbosa and Peirão de Castro

Novani Novakoski in Na Violência do Sexo

Your wedding day is traditionally the longest day of your life, so you're probably going to want to round it off by crashing out on the sofa then maybe dragging yourself up to the bedroom and going to sleep in your trousers. Young Brazilian bride Novani has the right idea, but when her new husband is propelled through the front door after her at gunpoint she suddenly realises she's in the middle of a rape gang nightmare!

Members of these gangs are notorious for being not right in the head and always insist on dragging out even the preliminaries to insufferable length. Nevertheless, helped along by some unsubtle editing by myself, Novani is eventually stripped down to nothing but her bridal underpants. The weirdo in charge then eases her onto the sofa and tantalises her naked body with the single white rose indispensable to such happy occasions. Though really we shouldn't be facetious about such things; they can cause terrible mental scarring (of the kind essential to the second and third acts).

Tags: bashful, bride, molested, rape, stripped


Na Violência do Sexo Na Violência do Sexo Na Violência do Sexo Na Violência do Sexo Na Violência do Sexo

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