Elena Andrea
Elena Andrea
21 August 2019
Yekaterina Maksimova
Yekaterina Maksimova
20 August 2019
Alvamar Taddei
Alvamar Taddei
19 August 2019
Ziggy Zanger
Ziggy Zanger
18 August 2019
Patrícia Scalvi
Patrícia Scalvi
16 August 2019
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Welcome to a database of celebrity nude and sexy scenes. Here you will find many clips you have never seen before. Mostly they are taken from films of thirty years ago or more, when nude scenes in films and TV were guilt-free and plentiful. The criteria for inclusion are personal and hence extremely vague. As a guide, those clips that stand out as original or funny are favoured. This means you are more likely to find obscure actresses from unfashionable countries such as Brazil or East Germany here rather than famous Hollywood stars.

The nude clips are mostly taken from versions of films found in various places on the internet. Often the image quality is poor, but that's not the point. Seeing actresses, favourites and unknowns, unclothed in unusual and amusing situations is what this site is all about.

Updated 21 August 2019    Elena Andrea

Bonitas e Gostosas (Carlo Mossy, Brazil, 1979) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Lúcia Legrand, Meiry Vieira, Iara Stein, Pedro de Lara, Ângelo Antônio, Martim Francisco, Ney Costa, Carlos Kurt, Sônia del Mar, J. Diniz, Martinha and Rafael Ponzi

Elena Andrea in Bonitas e Gostosas

An edited-down segment of a satirical pornochanchada. Elena, judging by the crimson headwear from which she is loath to be separated, would appear to be playing Little Red Riding Hood. She takes the hat off only once, to skinny-dip. Oblivious to her presence due to intervening trees (he is a keen botanist) is a chap in a bow tie who, by a process of elimination, must be the Big Bad Wolf. It's hard to imagine this mild-mannered fellow eating her up, but with Elena being so very forward for a little girl it's becoming almost inevitable...

Tags: jungle, skinny-dip


Bonitas e Gostosas Bonitas e Gostosas Bonitas e Gostosas Bonitas e Gostosas Bonitas e Gostosas

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Updated 20 August 2019    Yekaterina Maksimova

Fuete (Vladimir Vasilev, Soviet Union, 1987) (featuring Yekaterina Maksimova aged 48) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Vladimir Vasilev, Natalya Bolshakova, Angelina Kabarova, Valentin Gaft, Yelena Dmitriyeva, Konstantin Zaklinsky, Alla Osipenko, Olga Samoshina, Aristarkh Livanov, Svyatoslav Kuznetsov, Mariya Bergolts and Yevgeni Kolobov

Yekaterina Maksimova in Fuete

A fascinating look at the pressures behind the scenes of the Russian ballet as celebrated dancer Yekaterina, her body wearing out, and beset by backbiting and meddling bureaucrats, realises her time at the top is up.

We find out that no matter how dainty the ballerina, she still shuffles to the bathroom in her pyjamas in the morning just like an ordinary mortal. Yekaterina spends a lot of time under the shower, to the point where her splendidly big and hairy dog has learnt to sit ready and waiting outside the door with a pair of her ballet shoes in his mouth.

The lifestyle seems to involve a fair bit of undressing amongst its participants as a whole, though seen somewhat coyly here (it pays to double check the mirrors). When Yekaterina walks into the sauna the girls squeal delightedly as if its that dratted troop of Boy Scouts again! All in all a rare cultural treat, especially if the last time you saw a ballerina naked was in a Joe D'Amato film stroking (ahem) a Shetland pony.

Tags: massage, see-thru, shower, spa


Fuete Fuete Fuete Fuete Fuete

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Updated 19 August 2019    Alvamar Taddei

Nos Tempos da Vaselina (José Miziara, Brazil, 1979) (featuring Alvamar Taddei as Pat aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Andrea Camargo, Meiry Vieira, Kate Lyra, Aldine Muller, João Carlos Barroso, Maurício do Valle, Petty Pesce, Marcus Jardym, Nidia de Paula, Canarinho, Fernando Reski and Ângelo Antônio

Alvamar Taddei in Nos Tempos da Vaselina

More misadventures of the young lad on his first trip to Rio. We have to call them misadventures because it's a comedy, but the pluses definitely seem to be outweighing the minuses so far. There's plenty of people on beach holidays right now green with envy at his rotten luck. Sunburn, hangovers? Alva rubbing her pile cream on his face when he's sleeping? Then her having the gall to turn up the next day and hide under the bed from the housemaid? How does that stack up against stealing her from her boyfriend in the first place for a long night of fun, games, and unbridled passion?! I bet it wasn't even pile cream either.

Tags: hiding, horseplay, interrupted, poolside, sex, undressing


Nos Tempos da Vaselina Nos Tempos da Vaselina Nos Tempos da Vaselina Nos Tempos da Vaselina Nos Tempos da Vaselina

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Updated 18 August 2019    Ziggy Zanger

Cuginetta, amore mio! (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1979) (featuring Ziggy Zanger as Nicoletta aged 21) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Gino Pagnani, Ria De Simone, Paola Maiolini, Tommy Polgár, Franco Diogene, Claudio Ercoli, Rita Moscatelli, Franca Scagnetti, Marco Tulli, Massimo Stazzi, Maurizio Momi and Alberto Gasperini

Ziggy Zanger in Cuginetta, amore mio!

Typical Italian comedy in all respects other than that the inimitable Bruno Mattei has suffused it with his unique aura of shabbiness and despair. He's made a grand country house look like a prison camp in need of renovation, and half the cast have a beaten and starved look about them.

Ziggy plays a humble girl with parents on the make. A nice girl though, very musical, looks a bit like Princess Diana. Upon being introduced to our young well-endowed hero (he's recently come into an inheritance) she knees him right in the knackers. Her mother smiles through the embarrassment. Nice lady, played by Ria De Simone who went on to become a memorable kapo in KZ9 - Lager di sterminio, and you can see the potential right there.

The reason for the indignant assault? When Ziggy was having a bored nosey about the place she happened to see Jack the Lad up against a ladder with a naked stable girl (nice girl, not ashamed of a little armpit hair, and very put-upon by the looks of her). And he winked at her. So she has her revenge. Our man, poor deluded fool, thinks he's going to make love after they retire upstairs and undress. Wrong.

Rest assured the young couple do eventually get it together. But only after young chappie mistakes the chambermaid's room (it was very dark). Ziggy's parents arrive mid-session. Oh crikey! So it's to be a shotgun wedding.

Tags: accidental, boots, father, full-frontal, interrupted, office, parents-interrupt, public, undressing

Clip 1

Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio!

Clip 2

Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio!

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Updated 16 August 2019    Patrícia Scalvi

O Fotógrafo (Jean Garret, Brazil, 1980) (featuring Patrícia Scalvi aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Andrea Camargo, Maristela Moreno, Claudete Joubert, Alvamar Taddei, Meiry Vieira, Mii Saki, Aldine Muller, Carlos Casan, Castor Guerra, Loire William Martyniak and Roberto Miranda

Patrícia Scalvi in O Fotógrafo

Another role in which Patricia is allowed to wear glasses and have a bad haircut. She is secretary to a glamour photographer who, though posing as a gracefully ageing playboy, from her point of view is just another man-baby. She's always telling him off and threatening to leave. Never does of course.

Today we have a studio shoot with two heavily made-up dolly birds (Alvamar Taddei is the dark one) and Patricia has done her bit (making the phone calls and all the rest of the paper-shuffling it takes to set these things up) and is about to leave when chummy grabs her arm. Would she mind stopping and watching the shoot with him a while? And maybe even, er, help him direct the thing?

It turns out Patricia is a natural. Out she comes with a flurry of instructions to make the poses more tactile, put the props to more sensual use, and make the lesbianism more explicit. Absolute genius! You wonder what other practical skills she has a hidden talent for. Help you get your car through its MoT maybe? Or your gutters need cleaning out and you don't fancy putting up all that scaffolding on your jack? She could save you money! Ever get that crazy romantic urge to run after a woman?

Our man has his Latin lover's image to think of so seduces Patricia by dousing her hair in booze, but she respects the central point. Off she allows herself to be carried for a marathon bonking session that looks like it's from one of those ghastly Lover's Guide things which were suddenly popular years ago. And in some sickly 'tart's boudoir' environment too, which giving benefit of doubt may have been a leftover studio set rather than anyone's actual sleeping quarters. Thinking about it, Patricia may even have a hand in setting the place up, lingering shades of guilt being what persuaded her to be seen other than dead in it. Still couldn't get out of there quick enough though.

Tags: sex


O Fotógrafo O Fotógrafo O Fotógrafo O Fotógrafo O Fotógrafo

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Updated 15 August 2019    Laura Gemser

Notti porno nel mondo (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1977) (featuring Laura Gemser as Host aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Marina Hedman and Anna Manduchi

Laura Gemser in Notti porno nel mondo

Tame Italian 'mondo' piece which boils down to a collection of stripteases and related hanky-panky supposedly taking place in exotic locations around the world, all hosted and narrated by the lovely Laura. She starts us off on a high note - by getting her name right. The single piece of factual information that entitles this heap of nonsense to call itself a documentary.

To be fair the opening striptease has a nice conceit. An intrepid explorer girl peels off her safari suit and slips into her sleeping bag in the nude (and yes she did remember to leave her pith helmet till the last). I've always wondered what going-to-bed routines were like in the jungle ever since I saw Virginia getting into her pyjamas in Tombs of the Blind Dead. Alas, just like Virginia our plucky heroine soon finds she has not chosen the most suitable night attire for fleeing from wild beasts! I can't understand a word Laura is saying here, but her tone is calm and reassuring.

So we come to the first and best of Laura's links. Rumour has it these were filmed by her Svengali Joe D'Amato. I can believe it: the shambolism that means this link is the only one of a dozen or so with enough pointless undressing to be worth including, plus the masterly skill in bringing out a woman's charm and beauty with a camera, says it all. Surpassingly warm and inviting as her smile is, I've never found Laura very sexy though. Her appeal is more of a favourite auntie. When you were three years old. And sleeping in a crib. And asking if you could wear your gorilla suit tonight...

Tags: domestic, dressing, full-frontal


Notti porno nel mondo Notti porno nel mondo Notti porno nel mondo Notti porno nel mondo Notti porno nel mondo

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Updated 14 August 2019    Veronika Zilková

My vsichni skolou povinní: S01E02 Rovnýma nohama (Ludvík Ráza, 1984) (featuring Veronika Zilková as Jana Vychodilová aged 23) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Miroslav Vladyka, Jirí Bartoska, Jana Sulcová, Zbynek Honzík, Milan Simácek, Jaromír Hanzlík, Jana Preissová, Jana Janatová, Karel Augusta, Jaroslava Obermaierová, Michaela Kudlácková and Jirí Kucera

Veronika Zilková in My vsichni skolou povinní: S01E02  Rovnýma nohama

Sometimes I worry about the Czechs. As Socialists they were supposed to enjoy the benefits of a rationally ordered society, but whenever I see them on screen they're always acting just plain weird. Take this school comedy series off the telly for instance. Junior teachers were encouraged to behave like absolute arses if this is any guide. Gurning and play-acting that would shame a nine-year-old gets the young clown here the reward of a very warm kiss from the lovely Veronika, and her antics hardly bring her credit either.

Anyway, getting to the point, Veronika has bought a new green bikini for the Pioneer Scout outing she's to lead on a trip to the river tomorrow. Domestic arrangements are one thing the Commies seem to have got right. Every girl's mummy for example is five stone overweight and spends her life in the kitchen. Veronika's has to be practically dragged out of there to admire her daughter's swimwear, and the attention she gives the figure-flattering cut of the chic leisure garment is cursory at best. Which is entirely as it should be. Lemon meringue pie for tea I reckon.

Roll on tomorrow, the green bikini, and the Pioneer Scout trip! And farewell to health, safety, and basic common sense. For Veronika has led the young people to somewhere so far removed from any place one might wisely visit we're practically in the Twilight Zone. Speaking of which, it does look very like another disaster on the set of a public information film directed by that John Landis.

Aware of her responsibilities, Veronika gallantly heads into the thundering outflow of the sluice gates with younger girls in tow. One of whom smartly points out that the precious green bikini is starting to break loose beneath the pressure of such unwonted torrents. Sure enough Veronika looks down just in time to see a breast slipping free of the fabric, and soon the experience of being briefly but proudly clothed in fashionable swimwear seems just a distant memory. All is now mortification; flipping herself onto her front only thrusts her broad pink bottom more prominently into the gaze of gloating onlookers. Including that character Veronika is now cursing herself for kissing yesterday. Happily, sanity and good order reassert themselves at the hands of a girl with the moral and physical authority to lead the lad calmly but uncompromisingly from the scene.

Tags: accidental, outdoor, waterfall


My vsichni skolou povinní: S01E02  Rovnýma nohama My vsichni skolou povinní: S01E02  Rovnýma nohama My vsichni skolou povinní: S01E02  Rovnýma nohama My vsichni skolou povinní: S01E02  Rovnýma nohama My vsichni skolou povinní: S01E02  Rovnýma nohama

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Updated 13 August 2019    Adélia Coelho

Pedro Canhoto, o Vingador Erótico (Raffaele Rossi, Brazil, 1973) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Tony Cardi, Nestor Alves de Lima, Heitor Gaiotti, Nivaldo Lima, Moacir Maurício, Cavagnole Neto, Armando Paschoallin, Shirley Steck and José Velloni

Adélia Coelho in Pedro Canhoto, o Vingador Erótico

Crude Brazilian revenge Western in which we find gypsy girl Adélia minding her own business swimming naked in a glorious waterfall (she favours a sort of reverse butterfly stroke which is good for glimpses of pubic hair) when out of nowhere the baddies turn up and drag her out of there. She grabs a gun and shoots one of them straight off POWWW!!

It's an explicit and brutal scene for the time, and gets a little nastier when the bad guys decide to tie Adélia to a post and leave her naked for the vultures. So it was a bit short-sighted of her shooting one of the gang if it was only going to make them do that to her. Luckily our hero beats the vultures to it (you don't know what gratitude looks like until you see her face) and we leave the pair to ride off into the sunset together just as the music is starting to get a little bit funky.

Tags: beaten, bondage, full-frontal, humiliation, jungle, outdoor, skinny-dip, swimming, violator, waterfall, weapon


Pedro Canhoto, o Vingador Erótico Pedro Canhoto, o Vingador Erótico Pedro Canhoto, o Vingador Erótico Pedro Canhoto, o Vingador Erótico Pedro Canhoto, o Vingador Erótico

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Updated 12 August 2019    Ágata Lys

La nueva Marilyn (José Antonio de la Loma, Spain, 1976) (featuring Ágata Lys as Teresa aged 23) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Verónica Miriel, Eva Robin, Ricardo Merino, Silvia Solar, Conrado Tortosa 'Pipper', Carlos Tristán, Mario Gas, Iván Tubau, Josep Ballester, Jordi Torras, Juan Fernández and Fredy Ripers

Ágata Lys in La nueva Marilyn

Pedestrian Spanish pseudo-biopic about a young starlet following in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe. Poor Ágata has to run the gauntlet from the bright lights of the glamour snapper's studio to shivering naked in the dark beneath the stairs, all without the benefit of an intervening period of global cinematic stardom.

Tags: corpse, posing, see-thru, tearful


La nueva Marilyn La nueva Marilyn La nueva Marilyn La nueva Marilyn La nueva Marilyn

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Updated 11 August 2019    Selma Egrei

A Casa das Tentações (Rubem Biafora, Brazil, 1975) (featuring Selma Egrei aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Marilena Ansaldi, Xandó Batista, Norberto Benzoni, Pedro Buch, Áurea Campos, Adélia Clemente, Lídia Costa, Francisco Curcio, Heron D'Ávila, Arassary de Oliveira, Anselmo Duarte and Liana Duval

Selma Egrei in A Casa das Tentações

Selma posing for a photographer in some pretentious toss. I think it's all she has to do in the film; no one is likely to be interested enough to check anyway. It all comes across as a bit insipid and sexless; enticingly beautiful though Selma is, she'd have done better to have kept her clothes on. Those sleazy old blokes too, they'd have ended up in less trouble with their wives.

Tags: bashful, posing, voyeur


A Casa das Tentações A Casa das Tentações A Casa das Tentações A Casa das Tentações A Casa das Tentações

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