Anaís de Melo
Anaís de Melo
13 September 2019
Marta Klubowicz
Marta Klubowicz
12 September 2019
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Shirley Benny
11 September 2019
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Ria De Simone
10 September 2019
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Isabel Mestres
9 September 2019
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Welcome to a database of celebrity nude and sexy scenes. Here you will find many clips you have never seen before. Mostly they are taken from films of thirty years ago or more, when nude scenes in films and TV were guilt-free and plentiful. The criteria for inclusion are personal and hence extremely vague. As a guide, those clips that stand out as original or funny are favoured. This means you are more likely to find obscure actresses from unfashionable countries such as Brazil or East Germany here rather than famous Hollywood stars.

The nude clips are mostly taken from versions of films found in various places on the internet. Often the image quality is poor, but that's not the point. Seeing actresses, favourites and unknowns, unclothed in unusual and amusing situations is what this site is all about.

Updated 13 September 2019    Anaís de Melo

Una rata en la oscuridad (Alfredo Salazar, Mexico, 1979) (featuring Anaís de Melo as Sonia) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ana Luisa Peluffo, Ricardo Cortés, José Antonio Marros, Aurora Castillón, Claudia Fernández, Blanca Estela Roth and Betty Clavel

Anaís de Melo in Una rata en la oscuridad

Old-fashioned, claustrophobic, often lurid, and always engagingly silly Mexican haunted house chiller. Anaís (nineteen, single, tomboy, aspiring artist) and big sister Ana Luisa Peluffo (fifty, divorced, glamorous, free as the wind) rent a dusty old house together. It means a lot of hard work making the place habitable, but who cares when afterwards you can play charming girlish games over the cool refreshing glasses of pink lemonade? I don't know the rules of this game to be honest; probably just tossing for who gets the one with the gin in it.

This is one of those old houses with a crap portrait over the mantlepiece which is supposed to represent the previous owner who disappeared in mysterious circumstances. It's a raven-haired lady in an elaborate fur-trimmed purple gown, just for future reference. There's also a crap clock that looks designed for the sole purpose of striking thirteen. So the girls can't say they haven't been warned.

Spending their first night in the house together Ana Luisa gives her tired little sister a shoulder massage. Their going-to-bed routine seems incredibly prolonged, and though on-screen bathing and clothes-changing duties naturally fall mainly upon Anaís (she takes forever about it, and doesn't even wear pyjamas!), the older woman is not entirely spared.

It's all relevant to the plot however, as strange things happen in this house after undressing for the night. Echoes of laughter haunt the staircase. Pants go missing as soon as you take them off. And I'm sure it's not just the rats that sneak out of the shadows to nibble you while you're sleeping either...

Tags: animal, bath, domestic, fear, full-frontal, lesbian, massage, molested, padding, petting, sex, sleeping, undressing

Clip 1

Una rata en la oscuridad Una rata en la oscuridad Una rata en la oscuridad Una rata en la oscuridad Una rata en la oscuridad

Clip 2

Una rata en la oscuridad Una rata en la oscuridad Una rata en la oscuridad Una rata en la oscuridad Una rata en la oscuridad

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Updated 12 September 2019    Marta Klubowicz

Wakacje z Madonna (Jerzy Kolodziejczyk, Poland, 1985) (featuring Marta Klubowicz as Danka aged 22) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Krzysztof Kiersznowski, Marta Stebnicka, Maria Stokowska, Ewa Lesniak, Lidia Bienias, Ryszard Sobolewski, Andrzej Zielinski and Jerzy Kolodziejczyk

Marta Klubowicz in Wakacje z Madonna

Marta bumps into a young sculptor on his way to do some art restoration for the vicar of a sleepy mountain village, soon causing resentment and ructions amongst the locals. If that sounds familiar, it's because it's the same plot as Karate po polsku (1983). We seem to have stumbled across an unsuspected sub-genre of Polish drama.

It doesn't take long for angel-faced Marta to establish herself as a forceful character. Less than a minute I made it. Something about a beer bottle on a beach; I still can't see what her problem was. Anyway, perhaps not unconnected with the fact she wears a bikini practically all the time indoors and out, Marta is soon turning heads - literally. In fact the whole village appears to be competing to see who'll be the first to get a restraining order.

One callow youth really puts his foot in it when he approaches Marta sunbathing on a hillside only to realise that between plucking his bunch of flowers and finally summoning up the courage to approach her the girl has quietly slipped off the top of her bikini. Oh crikey! Marta rallies admirably, even remembering to get the lad's name for the police report.

That's the only incidence of nudity, and there's much less violence than Karate Polish style. But this film has its own spicy variety of scandal. Like Marta the Madonna brawling on the vicarage doorstep with the local Townswomen's Guild. See that attractive lady who threw the first punch? Earlier on Marta had said snooty things about her watercolours. Now there's a lesson in manners for you.

Tags: bashful, sunbathing


Wakacje z Madonna Wakacje z Madonna Wakacje z Madonna Wakacje z Madonna Wakacje z Madonna

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Updated 11 September 2019    Shirley Benny

Curral de Mulheres (Oswaldo de Oliveira, Brazil, 1982) (featuring Shirley Benny as Mary aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Márcia Fraga, Sandra Graffi, Elizabeth Hartmann, Vanessa Alves, Elys Cardoso, Maurício do Valle, Lígia de Paula, Regina Lopes, Kátia Spencer, Fátima Nunes, Sérgio Hingst and João Paulo Ramalho

Shirley Benny in Curral de Mulheres

Shirley shows star quality in a supporting role in this manic Franco-esque jungle camp trash. In charge of the prison (basically just a wooden stockade) is Elizabeth Hartmann, tasked with damping down her motherly lusts for the sultry yet delicate girl, while at the same time fending off noisy complaints from the other women about promises of exciting job opportunities which have failed to materialise.

The story as illustrated in this compilation is the usual one, the glamorous female captives being used to staff an unlicensed brothel, then escaping through the jungle, suffering privations along the way. To compound the typically poor continuity, believable character development is hampered by the need to set up at least one catfight every fifteen minutes. The one with Sandra Graffi is rather a good one, though it does mean the end for tender and delicious Shirley. (Don't take that as a hint they eat her afterwards.)

Tags: beaten, catfight, flashing, full-frontal, jungle, lesbian, massage, muddy, petting, prisoner, violence, waterfall, weapon


Curral de Mulheres Curral de Mulheres Curral de Mulheres Curral de Mulheres Curral de Mulheres

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Updated 10 September 2019    Ria De Simone

Cuginetta, amore mio! (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1979) (featuring Ria De Simone as Elvira aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ziggy Zanger, Gino Pagnani, Paola Maiolini, Tommy Polgár, Franco Diogene, Claudio Ercoli, Rita Moscatelli, Franca Scagnetti, Marco Tulli, Massimo Stazzi, Maurizio Momi and Alberto Gasperini

Ria De Simone in Cuginetta, amore mio!

Some nocturnal bed-hopping from Bruno Mattei's depressing Italian comedy. Social-climbing Ria is playing prospective mother-in-law to the young hero. It seems like bad strategy to me, but nevertheless she disrobes and slips into his bed at midnight to the detriment of her daughter (Ziggy Zanger) who is left alone in her room to pluck disconsolately upon her favourite musical instrument. Meanwhile Father is less successful in the bed of the kitchen maid.

Tags: bed-hopping, full-frontal, interrupted, seductress, sex, undressing


Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio! Cuginetta, amore mio!

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Updated 9 September 2019    Isabel Mestres

Cuentos eróticos (Enrique Brasó, Spain, 1980) (featuring Isabel Mestres as Mujer aged 33) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Emma Cohen, Virginia Mataix, Ana Belén, Alicia Sánchez, Patricia Adriani, Claudia Gravy, Joaquín Hinojosa, Cristina Sánchez Pascual, Alicia Hermida, Luis Politti, Julieta Serrano and Josefina Molina

Isabel Mestres in Cuentos eróticos

From a Spanish collection of the better kind of erotic shorts, the title of this one translates as Everyday Life. It's about a young couple reduced to communicating in grunts across the breakfast table.

At night, sharing a double bed as if it were two singles, the couple have a secret sexual life reminiscent of something from Jan Svankmajer's Conspirators of Pleasure. Each waits until the other appears to be asleep before making love to their unresisting body. Quite explicitly by the way. In the morning things are back to normal, each indifferent to the naked body of the other except to the extent that it occludes their own reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Tags: domestic, mirror, oral, seductress, sex, sleeping


Cuentos eróticos Cuentos eróticos Cuentos eróticos Cuentos eróticos Cuentos eróticos

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Updated 6 September 2019    Vanessa Alves

A Noite das Taras II (Ody Fraga, Brazil, 1982) (featuring Vanessa Alves aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Maristela Moreno, Matilde Mastrangi, Simone Barreto, Sônia Bezerra, David Cardoso Jr., David Cardoso, Rajá de Aragão, Alice de Carli, Liana Duval, Roberto Fedegozo, Rosana Freitas and Ênio Gonçalves

Vanessa Alves in A Noite das Taras II

Pornochanchada queen Matilde Mastrangi leads Vanessa and two other girls on an armed robbery of a house owned by none other than heartthrob David Cardoso. They've got the stocking masks and everything, so really mean business. The other girls undermine their aura of menace by repeatedly stripping naked to have it off with their 'victim'. Chirpy little Vanessa settles for taking a bath with a poster of himself the big-headed clot had hanging on his wall.

Tags: bath, full-frontal


A Noite das Taras II A Noite das Taras II A Noite das Taras II A Noite das Taras II A Noite das Taras II

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Updated 5 September 2019    Beatriz Rossat

Carne apaleada (Javier Aguirre, Spain, 1978) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Esperanza Roy, Virginia Mataix, Bárbara Rey, Trini Alonso, Tota Alba, Sandra Alberti, Jesús Alcaide, Pilar Bardem, Mercedes Ariza, Gloria Berrocal, Covadonga Cadenas and Enriqueta Carballeira

Beatriz Rossat in Carne apaleada

Cheery juvenile delinquent Beatriz has already been nude in a couple of supporting roles showering at induction and being strip searched, now here's her chance to shine alone. Though shine is probably the wrong word as even her fellow convicts are disgusted by the exhibition she makes of herself prancing about on the bunk. To be fair this is at a late stage in the drama and the cell block and its occupants have long been on a downward slide to the condition of a mental ward.

Soon fearsome Governess Trini Alonso and her henchwomen are along to drag Beatriz kicking and screaming to the bare and squalid solitary cell, her smock dress riding up her thighs, conveniently exposing her naked buttocks for the calming injection. Which Trini administers herself rather than delegating to a medical orderly; I was impressed by that. Inevitably poor Beatriz hangs herself. Can't remember what she was in for.

Tags: beaten, corpse, degradation, full-frontal, hanging, injection, prisoner


Carne apaleada Carne apaleada Carne apaleada Carne apaleada Carne apaleada

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Updated 4 September 2019    Jane Birkin

La miel (Pedro Masó, Spain, 1981) (featuring Jane Birkin as Inés aged 35) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Manuela Camacho, José Luis López Vázquez, Amelia de la Torre, Guillermo Marín, Jorge Sanz, Agustín González, Eugenia Roca, Anastasio Campoy, Lorenzo Ramírez, Alfonso Castizo, Coral Pellicer and Joaquín Solís

Jane Birkin in La miel

An unusual role for Jane in this charmingly old-fashioned Spanish sex comedy. José Luis López Vázquez stars as a dusty old teacher asked to give her scamp of a son extra private tuition and maybe a little fatherly guidance. Reading between the lines you'll have guessed that she's that scourge of the financially solvent middle-aged man, the single mother (a little bit) on the turn.

Our man finds Jane's chaotic council estate lifestyle a breath of fresh air compared to being holed up with his flatulent elder sister. Which isn't to say he doesn't find it coronary-inducingly stressful at the same time. Knocking on her door dressed for a game of three-and-in, terrible case of arrested development, the poor man doesn't stand a chance, that girl's going to pounce like a vampire scenting blood...

Tags: domestic, flashing, petting, seductress, shower, washing


La miel La miel La miel La miel La miel

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Updated 3 September 2019    Teresa Szmigielówna

Molo (Wojciech Solarz, Poland, 1969) (featuring Teresa Szmigielówna as Marta aged 40) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ryszard Filipski, Witold Holtz, Kalina Jedrusik, Tadeusz Kalinowski, Emilia Krakowska, Maciej Michalak, Stanislaw Michalski, Andrzej Piszczatowski and Ewa Pokas

Teresa Szmigielówna in Molo

Self-indulgent expressionistic Polish psychodrama about a ship-builder fed up with building ships. So off he wanders and hangs around with lots of pretty younger women despite having a very attractive (and practically minded - never forgets his tea and sandwiches) wife in the form of Teresa. Behaviour very typical of pretentious cinematic protagonists of that era I'm sorry to say.

After an eventful journey our man and long-suffering Teresa roll up at their flimsy seaside shack in their even flimsier little car. Whereupon they do what every young-at-heart couple does on a deserted beach: roll in the hay. Hang on I was thinking of meadows, but never mind they do it anyway. We see some stylised monochrome caresses, clichéd by today's standards but quite daring for the time.

Tags: beach, black-and-white, horseplay, outdoor, petting


Molo Molo Molo Molo Molo

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Updated 2 September 2019    Manuela Camacho

El calor de la llama (Rafael Romero Marchent, Spain, 1976) (featuring Manuela Camacho as Lola) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Elli Maclure, Antonio Ferrandis, Raymond Young, Antonio Mayans, Roberto Camardiel, Francisco Nieto, Fernando Nogueras, Mayrata O'Wisiedo and Pedro Mari Sánchez

Manuela Camacho in El calor de la llama

A supporting role for the delectable Manuela in this Spanish giallo. She is working as a waitress to pay her way through hang gliding school. That, and the interest shown in her by strange women with big hands, would tend to mark her out as having a life expectancy in the range of short to momentary. They're probably just messing with our heads though, our girl will make it to the end.

Oh dear I was wrong, here is the the little angel landing on a lonely mountain slope, here is the little angel looking warily about her, and here is the camera panning over the little angel's corpse lying naked, bloody and violated. I feel quite angry about this.

Tags: blood, corpse, full-frontal, outdoor


El calor de la llama El calor de la llama El calor de la llama El calor de la llama El calor de la llama

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