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Nathalie Zeiger
25 May 2020
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Cristina Galbó
22 May 2020
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Monique Vita
21 May 2020
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Berta Cabré
20 May 2020
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Valérie Boisgel
19 May 2020
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Welcome to a database of celebrity nude and sexy scenes. Here you will find many clips you have never seen before. Mostly they are taken from films of thirty years ago or more, when nude scenes in films and TV were guilt-free and plentiful. The criteria for inclusion are personal and hence extremely vague. As a guide, those clips that stand out as original or funny are favoured. This means you are more likely to find obscure actresses from unfashionable countries such as Brazil or East Germany here rather than famous Hollywood stars.

The nude clips are mostly taken from versions of films found in various places on the internet. Often the image quality is poor, but that's not the point. Seeing actresses, favourites and unknowns, unclothed in unusual and amusing situations is what this site is all about.

Updated 25 May 2020    Nathalie Zeiger

Le sexe nu (José Bénazéraf, France, 1973) (featuring Nathalie Zeiger as La vendeuse de grande megasin aged 21) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Valérie Boisgel, Alain Tissier, Chantal Arondel, Dany Daniel, Loïc Porzier, Frederica Page, Gilda Arancio, Jerry Brouer, José Bénazéraf, Arlène Fontaine, Patricia Hermenier and Noëlle Louvet

Nathalie Zeiger in Le sexe nu

Nathalie is playing a shop assistant whom our young hero has taken to the pictures in this French collection of erotic memoirs. The callow young chap has emboldened himself by dressing up in his Star Trek outfit, a faux pas that Nathalie, angel that she is, does not refer to even once. Anyway, after an enormous amount of faffing about and flashing of knickers on spiral staircases, the girl entices the boy into her prim little garret room.

Perhaps he didn't quite get over the shock of the dolly, but our man's subsequent demeanour goes beyond what can honestly be described as merely 'diffident'. But our Nathalie is never the one to let a thing like that stand in her way.

Tags: seductress, sex


Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu

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Updated 22 May 2020    Cristina Galbó

Las adolescentes (Pedro Masó, Spain, 1977) (featuring Cristina Galbó as Danielle aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Beatriz Galbó, Susan Player, Koo Stark, Victoria Vera, Anthony Andrews, Eduardo Bea, Maria Perschy, Trevor Thomas, Víctor Petit, Eduardo Fajardo, Queta Claver and Isabel María Pérez

Cristina Galbó in Las adolescentes

Intriguing potboiler in which shy Spanish girl Koo Stark sweet-talks her father into wangling her a place at a leading English boarding school for girls. The 'intriguing' part being that the uniforms, interiors and school routines have been re-created (presumably in a Spanish studio) with a forensic eye for detail. The role of Head Girl falls naturally to our Cristina. A wonderful young woman, she knows how to keep order but still can appreciate a joke, even one at her expense, and even a slightly rude one, so long as it's suitably hilarious.

We catch up with the cream of the Fifth Form as they dash out of the shower after PE (vigorous outdoor bending and stretching exercises in case you were wondering). Leading the way is Victoria Vera (I think), followed by Susan Player, and (I've only just noticed) Cristina's little sister Beatriz. But alas new girl Koo's clothes have all gone missing! Enter Cristina looking every inch the junior gym mistress. If you assume every older girl in these kind of films must be a predatory lesbian you'll be thinking now is her moment to pounce! Shame on you.

There's really nothing to it. Cristina takes Koo back to her room where she slips off her tracksuit and puts the kettle on. If only all films could be as sensible as this one.

Tags: domestic


Las adolescentes Las adolescentes Las adolescentes Las adolescentes Las adolescentes

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Updated 21 May 2020    Monique Vita

Les confidences érotiques d'un lit trop accueillant (Michel Lemoine, France, 1973) (featuring Monique Vita as La compagne de Paul Lambert aged 38) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Martine Azencot, Nathalie Zeiger, Marie Hélène Règne, Bunny Godillot, Anne Libert, Olga Georges-Picot, Michel Le Royer, Janine Reynaud, Marie-Georges Pascal, Emilie Mathis, Jacques Bernard and Sacha Briquet

Monique Vita in Les confidences érotiques d

Another vignette from this elegant French comedy. Monique is accompanying a gentleman to some sort of 'love hotel'. I'm a bit hazy as to the arrangements in a place like this, but I'm sure it's somewhere a typical young Frenchman, though currently a little gauche, will soon come to think of as a second home.

Apparently for a consideration you can ask the cheery chambermaid to 'join in'. Our man in his puppy-like enthusiasm doesn't appreciate the role he is to play in proceedings and Monique has to drop him a heavy hint (he probably - in the light of later events - thought 'taking a back seat' was some kind of euphemism). Anyway, instead of grumbling about 'what a racket' and these 'fickle little tarts' being 'all in it together', our man is content for a while just to loosen his tie and sit back and enjoy the show. Monique is upstaged by her friend's beautifully inviting bottom.

Tags: full-frontal, lesbian, oral, sex, threesome


Les confidences érotiques d'un lit trop accueillant Les confidences érotiques d'un lit trop accueillant Les confidences érotiques d'un lit trop accueillant Les confidences érotiques d'un lit trop accueillant Les confidences érotiques d'un lit trop accueillant

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Updated 20 May 2020    Berta Cabré

El invernadero (Santiago Lapeira, Spain, 1983) (featuring Berta Cabré as Berta) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Carmen Serret, Ovidi Montllor, Bernard Seray, Alfred Lucchetti, Víctor Israel, Llàtzer Escarceller, Isabel Salisachs, Lourdes Pedrol, José María Martí, José María Torruella, Guillermo Ramos and Sara Martí

Berta Cabré in El invernadero

Low-budget Spanish chiller starring Berta as an enigmatic young actress called Berta. A sign that the director needs his mind straightening out just as much as the protagonist, a lonely bachelor modelling himself on Dennis Nilsen. But without the charm and social skills. There's a cake shop nearby for instance where the girl behind the counter looks just like Carmen Serret in glasses. Do you tip a girl in a cake shop (if you're a regular - 'Have one yourself luv', 'Don't mind if I do' etc.)? Or might she take it as a dig at her waistline? Life is a minefield.

Our man picks Berta up off the pavement after an altercation with her boyfriend, takes her back to his flat, and has his pathetic rescue fantasy with her courtesy of a comfy chair and a bottle of TCP. But the areas of chaffing and grazing keep moving lower and lower! When they reach the level of her shoulder the top is hurriedly screwed back on the bottle. Granted the girl hasn't asked for any actual money yet, but would you, in his position, actually trust her? Still, there must be some way a middle-aged pervert can turn the situation to his advantage...

Luckily our man is a dab hand with a soldering iron and has soon rigged up the shower for sound. Yep, that's what an ageing voyeur had to settle for in the way of electronic surveillance back in those days. But getting daringly close to intimacy (less than fifty yards with line-of-sight) he starts sitting in on Berta's rehearsals at the theatre. And sending her flowers afterwards. And snapping her half-naked at the window of her flat...

Tags: full-frontal, shower, voyeur


El invernadero El invernadero El invernadero El invernadero El invernadero

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Updated 19 May 2020    Valérie Boisgel

Le rallye des joyeuses (Alain Nauroy, France, 1974) (featuring Valérie Boisgel as Martine aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Annie Belle, Monique Vita, Anne Libert, Pierre Danny, Michel Vocoret, Maurice Illouz, Henri Génès, Serge Davri, Yves Collignon, Joëlle Coeur, Jacqueline Doyen and Albert Begards

Valérie Boisgel in Le rallye des joyeuses

Valérie stands out in this manky French comedy by wearing round steel-rimmed spectacles perched on the end of her nose just like your favourite schoolmistress. Strangely they don't make her look more intelligent, nor act it. In fact she's the stupidest person in the film, and that's against some pretty stiff competition.

Jumping out of the car (she is a 'co-driver' in one of those illegal trans-national rallies popular at the time) to pop into the greengrocer's, instead of making a purchase of légumes, Valérie defies all expectations by 'having it off' with the proprietor, a typical Frenchman. In the process destroying some of the stock and upsetting the man's poor wife.

Tags: food, full-frontal, glasses, sex


Le rallye des joyeuses Le rallye des joyeuses Le rallye des joyeuses Le rallye des joyeuses Le rallye des joyeuses

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Updated 18 May 2020    Mária Breinerová

Krutá lúbost (Martin Tapák, Czechoslovakia, 1978) (featuring Mária Breinerová aged 21) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Magda Vásáryová, Frantisek Desset, Beata Drotárová, Ivan Giac, Vladimír Kostovic, Juraj Kovac, Juraj Kukura, Jozef Majercík, Viliam Mesko, Stefan Misovic, Zdenka Nererová and Eliska Nosálová

Mária Breinerová in Krutá lúbost

Mária plays a passionate peasant girl in this vigorous yodelling opera from Czechoslovakia. True to the oft-noted wont of people in that part of the world to behave in an utterly bizarre fashion, she likes to crack bullwhips on hilltops while singing in joyous defiance at the top of her voice. Granted if she did this during a job interview for the civil service there'd probably be a question mark pencilled against her name, but out in the Carpathians she scarcely raises an eyebrow. And for we the viewers leading our drab lives at home she's like a breath of fresh air.

Tags: outdoor, ritual


Krutá lúbost Krutá lúbost Krutá lúbost Krutá lúbost Krutá lúbost

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Updated 15 May 2020    Sueli Aoki

Eros, O Deus do Amor (Walter Hugo Khouri, Brazil, 1981) (featuring Sueli Aoki as Midouri aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Nicole Puzzi, Maria Cláudia, Monique Lafond, Alvamar Taddei, Selma Egrei, Kate Lyra, Dina Sfat, Patrícia Scalvi, Lilian Lemmertz, Renée de Vielmond, Kate Hansen and Lala Deheinzelin

Sueli Aoki in Eros, O Deus do Amor

A place for Sueli in a typical Khouri gallery of remembered beauties. She's a Tokyo bar-girl looking after a somewhat brutish tired-businessman type dressed up as a samurai. I've no idea if this is typical of the goings-on in such places. Things involve a big stick, and probably Sueli is supposed to be humiliated by the proceedings, but judging by her enthusiasm it could all have been her idea in the first place.

Tags: full-frontal, prostitute


Eros, O Deus do Amor Eros, O Deus do Amor Eros, O Deus do Amor Eros, O Deus do Amor Eros, O Deus do Amor

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Updated 14 May 2020    Iwona Katarzyna Pawlak

Nad Niemnem (Zbigniew Kuzminski, Poland, 1987) (featuring Iwona Katarzyna Pawlak as Justyna Orzelska aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Renata Husarek, Adam Marjanski, Marta Lipinska, Janusz Zakrzenski, Bozena Rogalska, Michal Pawlicki, Zbigniew Bogdanski, Jacek Chmielnik, Ewa Decówna, Edmund Fetting, Marek Herbik and Irena Kownas

Iwona Katarzyna Pawlak in Nad Niemnem

Ponderous Polish historical drama about the decline of noble families during times of change. Not a lot of action then, except for this pointless but nevertheless very welcome scene of headstrong young Iwona getting ready for bed.

Stoical Iwona endures having to wash herself and fully undress under the unrelenting gaze of an ageing female authority figure - while getting a right earful as well. And I bet those weren't the lady's reading glasses either. She must be a favourite auntie or something to get away with behaviour the girl thought she'd left behind in reform school. We stick around, skipping some 'talky' bits, to watch Iwona get up to shut out the draught from the window so no one catches cold, least of all herself with that ever-so thin nightie of hers...

Tags: domestic, see-thru, undressing, washing


Nad Niemnem Nad Niemnem Nad Niemnem Nad Niemnem Nad Niemnem

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Updated 13 May 2020    Cristina Crisol

Kulang sa dilig (Arsenio Bautista, Philippines, 1986) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Lolita Lamas, Kristal Cristobal, Zandro Zamora, Emil Estrada, Eddie del Mar Jr., Perla Bautista and Arsenio Bautista

Cristina Crisol in Kulang sa dilig

Young bride Cristina is living in humble circumstances on one of the pleasanter islands of the Philippines. We get a clue that her husband may be an unsatisfactory sort when he returns from one of his frequent trips to the big city overburdened with gifts for his pretty young wife. Yep, not only did he remember, he actually enjoys going shopping!? But I reckon she'd have been happy with just a stick of rock (to slip in a little innuendo).

Nevertheless Cristina pretends to be delighted and dashes off for a nice long shower before trying on her new outfits. In that land of over-strained ablutions facilities this means splashing herself with cold water in a re-purposed wartime bunker, all the real showers being booked up weeks in advance.

Later in bed Cristina comes over all romantic, but her man probably thinks she is after his wallet. After continuing to investigate the family finances in fruitless fashion she stomps off to the veranda to make eyes at the chap across the road. He's more like her idea of a Romeo judging by the indecorous way she then drapes herself across the furniture.

Sadly this tropical paradise of 'voyeur special' showering set-ups and miles of empty beaches where a girl can splash in only her pants without any retired schoolmistresses to shout at her, does not offer enough scope for gratuitous nudity. So enter a portly artist type who likes to paint dusky young naked beauties - in threes.

Cristina's husband dumps her on this bloke one day. They were school-chums apparently, and surely the girl wouldn't turn down the chance to make some extra housekeeping? So these two 'men' sit and carefully watch the unhappy Cristina undress. Once she is fully naked and in a preliminary pose on the couch the absurdly self-effacing husband decides that now would be the most suitable moment to take his leave. His idea of tact reminds me of the way Ken Barlow carried on with Deirdre, as if he thought it was the key to a long and happy marriage. If he could see the state Cristina got herself into the moment he walked out of the door he'd think again...

Tags: art-model, masturbation, oral, sex, shower, tearful, undressing, washing

Clip 1

Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig

Clip 2

Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig

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Updated 12 May 2020    Berta Cabré

Estigma (José Ramón Larraz, Spain, 1982) (featuring Berta Cabré as Julia) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Alexandra Bastedo, Christian Borromeo, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Irene Gutiérrez Caba, Helga Liné, José María Caffarel, Antonio Molino Rojo, Virginie Blavier, Florencio Calpe, Craig Hill, Massimo Serato and Llàtzer Escarceller

Berta Cabré in Estigma

Confusing Spanish horror with too many characters to make much sense of. But then lucid plotting was never director Larraz's strong point even in his best work; atmosphere was more his thing.

So we won't even ask why our troubled teen hero chose to take face-in-a-crowd Berta up a big steel tower on a friendly after-school walk, despite her a) already having a boyfriend (handsomer, maturer etc.) and b) being afraid of heights. Inevitably she soon becomes incredibly whiny about the whole affair. It's not a bad character trait really, this reluctance to climb enormous rickety structures without a full health and safety report, especially in a girl you want to grow up to be the mother of your children. Chappie has something more immediate in mind though, beginning a tragic chain of events that leaves Berta's body dashed bloodied upon the concrete below.

That (barring any unpleasant 'morgue' scenes) would seem to be the end of it. But one night our hero is pacing nervously through a haunted mansion (we've learnt not to ask questions) when a full roll-call of his victims to date (two) appears naked in front of him. It's an undeniably creepy image and perhaps the deceased Berta feels like she's getting her own back on the lad. Which shows how little she knows about the mindset of this age group; he probably considers this eyeful a qualified 'result'.

Tags: undead


Estigma Estigma Estigma Estigma Estigma

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